Saturday, February 11, 2012

My place and yours: on my wall!

First of all I'd like to say a great big
to all the awesome folks who stopped by my blog last week and left comments.
I hope you know I don't blog for sympathy, but for understanding.
I blog about the whole earthquake thing
hoping that I can give a voice to what others are thinking.
I kinda figure if I feel like this others may too.

If you don't mind I'm pretty sure there will be more posts this week too
it's just so raw feeling at the moment.

But today here's something a bit light-hearted....
When you walk in the back door of our house (we don't have a front door)
you walk into a room we call the sitting room,
although weirdly there is nothing to sit on in there
apart from Annie and Archie's tiny little chairs.

Anyway it had become a bit of a dumping ground 
and as I accidentally brought another tea-trolley off trademe,
I thought this room could have three!!

I re-homed the quilt rack to our bedroom,
and moved the play oven (which we used as a cupboard) out of the house.
I got rid of the box of Christmas decorations (ahem)
and the box of food from the caravan out to the disaster zone garage.

I got rid of the little book case which sat on the table
and moved all the little dogs (with their blu-tacked bottoms) to the windowsill.
Ta-da! doesn't that look like an inviting art department for the smalls??
Also here's the "on my wall" bit. 
I love the game boards on the wall (an idea I borrowed from Pip Lincoln)

Doesn't that look cool?? It's my favourite part of this room.

I like all the pens in the milk bottle crate,
mixture of jam jars and a spaghetti tin!

Annie is so happy with her tidied up space
and has been sitting down every now and again to do some "writing"

Pop over to Vic's and see some more walls!


  1. Such a lovely space- It's so good to have a place to create!

  2. It's good to give the kids space to create. Love the games on the wall.

  3. I absolutely love the games on the walls and the jars in the milk bottle crate! Very Very Very cool ideas.

  4. What a gorgeous part of your house. Very colourful. I like muchly. It makes me feel happy just looking at it... I can feel the love from here.

  5. Love it!! Now I have some inspiration when it gets warm enough to outfit our sun room/toy room.

  6. cute room...i love the game wall. we have a family "heirloom" chinese checkers board we were thinking about turning into a clock and hanging...

  7. Wow, wish I could see that much floor in our sitting room. Love the cane baskets; which reminds me I have to go through the wooden trunks at our house and recycle/dispose of/hand on or down, the contents. I've put it off too long :O. Time to 'turn the house upside down' and give it a good shake now that DD12 has returned to school. Lol, I'm prepared to be shocked!

  8. How nice that you borrowed the boardgames on the wall idea from Pip... and I borrowed this very meme from Pip too...! ;)

    You know I love the boardgames... but I'll tell you again... I LOVE THE BOARDGAMES!

  9. Bliss, love every bit of your house, bursting with love and stuff :)

  10. Hi Deb,long time reader here and first time comment leaver :o)
    I have sent youa message on Facebook,just wondering if you got it?
    Thanks kindly and keep up the great work.I love reading your blog.


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