Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Playcentre Mornings...

They really are the best.
They are busy busy mornings full of play and chat!
They have a few quiet moments - I like them...
watching Annie watching the other kids.
Cuddles! Here is Annie with her other mum, my friend Ruth.
Lots of practicing new skills.
Annie has been working hard at mastering the scooter.
And plenty of celebration for achievements.

I love it, good for mummies, good for kiddies!!


  1. What beautiful photos of your gorgeous girl. How wonderful to see kids without shoes on outside playing. Can't imagine kids in Australia being allowed to do that, too many regulations me thinks.
    Have a fantastic day,
    Anne xx

  2. They are just the best times aren't they?

  3. She is such a sweet little darling


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