Sunday, March 18, 2012

Four days by a lake = heaven

Reuben asked me why I bothered coming to the lake
when I don't go boating or any other kind of water sports...
(Reuben comes out with these things,
I try not to get offended)

But I get to hang out with my little buddy.
She found the binoculars.... "I'm catching a mountain mummy"

I soak up the scenery, its so beautiful, I can't get enough of it.
I have 100s of pictures of the hills, the water, the trees.
I just can't stop myself from taking them.

I'm the one who gets to hand out sunscreen or warm clothes
depending on the day.

I get to pour drinks, find sausages and open packets of chips.

I get to dish out the cookies I baked.

I get to do a lot of knitting.

I love going to the lake, it's the best place in the world
especially if your friends are there too.


  1. it looks so stunning.. no wonder you can't stop taking photos, it is the most beautiful place!
    i am also the one who goes to the beach here to dish out the sunscreen, make lunch and enjoy the scenery.

  2. SUCH gorgeous shots Deb!!
    I'm the same - totally!
    Glad you've had a nice break from the norm.xx

  3. Looks like heavan.

  4. How beautiful...Love that you get to knit too :-)

  5. Our caravan is the same, some fo the friends there like to be really active and go boating, walking and to the beach regularly. Us we like to chill and relax, reading, playing games, sleeping. Everyone goes away ahving had fun, just different types of fun. But we are all happy so who cares.

  6. Looks like an amazing place to be, all that gorgeous scenery and to get to sit and do something you love....heaven right there!

  7. What a idyllic spot. I'd be quite happy being the support crew to everyone to. I love your vintage Kenwood mixer Deb. It reminds me of one my Mother used to have when I was a kid.

  8. Such beautiful pictures - you make me want to pack up and go camping in the woods :-)

  9. sounds pretty perfect to me xxx

  10. sounds pretty perfect to me xxx

  11. I love the hills too. I wish I knew how to paint them, but I can never get it right!
    You seem to always be some where pretty, It reminds me that I need to get away more, xo

  12. So wonderful. I'd love to sit with my feet up, crafting away with such a wonderful outlook, good food and the ones I love. Marvellous. You must feel so recharged.

  13. It looks amazing - knitting with that view seems like it would be bliss! My kids also say things like "Yoga? Why do you always choose to do weird stuff like yoga and crochet?!" Gotta love em! x


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