Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hot Cross Buns....

Over the weekend we had the opportunity to taste test
the Baker's Delight Hot Cross Buns.
We assembled a panel of expert judges, heated the buns in the oven and let the testing begin!

The smell was delicious, there is nothing like the smell of spiced hot cross buns is there?
Bakers Delight is getting ready for Bundraiser Day, Saturday, 24 March 12 where they will donate $1 for every six pack of Hot Cross Buns in support of the Starship Foundation.
Good excuse to pop in and get some more.

I'm happy to say that slathered with butter the warm buns disappeared in minutes!

We had two types to try the traditional spiced and the newer chocolate buns.
In past years we have been given chocolate buns (not from Bakers Delight)
and they were quite disappointing,
but the children commented that these tasted like real hot cross buns
because they were spicy. Definite yes from the non-dried fruit eating members
of our family.

Personally I was more than happy to review these buns
because I knew that we liked them the best.
In fact last year I remember my neighbour telling me about them
and considering driving considerably out of her way to buy some,
they were that good!

Young and old declared that these are the best buns.
I talked to David's elderly mum (she's going to be 90)
and she declared that Baker's Delight Buns are her favourite
(and she didn't even get to try any, she just remembered from other years)

I think the empty plates say it all!
Now Bakers Delight have given me three $10 vouchers to give away to you, hurray.
Leave a comment telling me your families Easter Tradition
and I'll draw three names. For those overseas readers,
I'll make an extra little Easter treat for you so you don't feel left out!


  1. Haha what a cool review! When i was in my early teens I worked for KBs bakery and could take home anything for free at the end of the day. Hot cross buns galore!! Although I have to admit, I prefer bakers delight. You're right, they have the spice just right.


  2. I don't need to review these choc ones as I fell in love with them several years ago. They are addictive.
    Our Easter tradition that we seem to have started is to do a treasure hunt on Easter Sunday with a jigsaw. The jigsaw has clues on it so as they find sections it leads them to the next clues. The prize at the end is of course an easter egg. The boys love doing it and always happily invite friends to join them

  3. Our tradition is an Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday morning with 2 other families and then breakfast together for the big people. SO good!

  4. Our tradition is Grandma and Grandad come around with a bag of eggs for the boys and I then confiscate most of them so they don't get sick! I then dole them out slowly over the next few days

  5. Easter Tradition! Dare I tell it?
    We were in a strange religion that did not accept Easter Eggs. I used to buy them at Easter time, save them for a couple of months then give them to the kids calling them Pretty Eggs ~ but then you may know that one :) 278

  6. Hubby and I buy each other easter eggs each year, plus the on sale ones weeks after easter has been and gone!

  7. They sound devine. Growing up, we used to have hot cross buns for lunch on good friday and easter eggs with breakfast on easter sunday. Find it difficult to carry on the tradition with my kids because they go on sale pretty much as soon as christmas is over.

  8. Oh they sound really yummy. Our Easter tradition is the Easter Egg Hunt which I started when my boys were young ( now 31 yrs & 27yrs) and my daughter ( 18yrs) insists that I keep doing for her. I sit in bed around midnite on the Saturday night & write all the clues out onto memo pad pages and then my husband races around hiding them. The last clue leads to the Easter basket. Last year I recycled the clues from a previous hunt and got told not to that again!


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