Saturday, March 10, 2012

I feel like I know you.... (and giveaway)

In my on-going quest this year to simply and declutter my life,
one of the things I've decided to do is be very deliberate about which blogs I read.
I had loads and loads in my reader, but I felt like I was just skimming over
them for the sake of getting through the reading list.

I thought I would do a post every now and again (if you don't mind)
and share with you the blogs I read and why.

First up is the "I feel like I know you" list.
These people are not in my everyday life, (that's another blog post)
although if I was in your country or city I would definitely try and visit you.

These in no particular order are....

Clare from Self Sewn.
She is a gem. I'm hoping one day Clare and her hubby will sleep in our spare bed
and we'll feed them good kiwi food and Clare and I will go opshopping
and look at fabrics together. 

I love the way Lou reflects on her life and the gentle way she walks through her days.
We used to live in the same city but our paths didn't cross then.

Sally from Virtu
Sally really knows how to have a conversation. I like that.
She never stops letting you know she is there. 

Lora from Eager Hands
Lora's encouraging words reach around the globe
and warm my heart.

Kate from Foxs Lane.
Kate is a visionary. She shows the rest of us how to live.
We follow from a distance and admire.

She's diligent and productive. Amazing.
and she takes cool pictures of herself.

Rianniah from Toast and Life
She puts the V into Vintage. I want to be a china deer on her wall.
She also magics up stuff like you wouldn't believe.

Cat has the biggest heart. Enough said.

Kirsty from Paisley Jade.
She's one crazy chick and we love her (and her family) for it.

also Cricket from Wise Cricket.
Cricket is a goodie! She might not blog a lot, but she contributes to the conversation.
Once she sent me the most amazing parcel of goodies just because she could!
I wish I could spend a few hours and chat to her.

There are great bloggers out there and I want to be one of them,
I want to be an active member of the conversations around me.
That will mean I'm in less conversations, but that's ok!!

All the pictures in this post were "borrowed" from the aforementioned blogs.

I think I'm going to have a little giveaway each time I do one of these posts,
just incase you feel sad for whatever reason that your name is not in the post.
Remember I'm going to do a few of these posts,
and they are by no means exclusive.

Don't hate me in other words!!
Leave a comment and I'll send a wee packet of goodies your way.
Just because I can.


  1. It is so cool how quickly you get to know someone by reading their blogs!

  2. I want to learn how to take cool photos of myself like Clare from Green Valley Crafts!

  3. What a lovely idea for a post. Although I am desperately trying to keep my reader under control, I may just have to look up a few of these :-)

  4. WOW thank you xxx you made me cry xxx
    I wish we too lived 'closer' so we could 'visit' I think our girls would keep us in hysterics xxx
    I'm def going to check out some of those other bloggers

    Mwah xxx

  5. What a lovely list! I read a few of these blogs too and have opened up new tabs to check out a few new to me ones :) Thank you for sharing! ;)


  6. Great post have never read any of those blogs so can't wait to visit - Thank-you for bringing some New blogs to us

  7. Awww thanks Deb!
    I WISH WISH WISH I could make quilts like you! And you call me productive?! Thanks for including me in your list

  8. I know what you mean about the reader getting out of control. I've hit mark all as read at least once a week lately to start fresh. I don't mind at all if someone posts infrequently because it's such a pleasant treat to find a new post from an old favorite. It does bother me when someone starts posting "sorry I haven't posted" posts all the time. I feel like that is so unnecessary!

    Thanks for introducing me to some new bloggers. I love to check out other corners of the internet :)

  9. This is a great idea Deb - a nice way to find new blogs!xx

  10. So here you are clearing out YOUR reader but introducing us to other bloggers we should add? And you comment about being a china deer on a wall made me laugh out loud :)

  11. I read a few of those blogs already; won't add the new ones though as I'm already trying to work out how to reduce my list while retaining those I've tagged for specific posts.

  12. Oh I am sure most of us can relate to skimming blogs. There are so many lovely reads and so little time. There are some I haven't visited so thank you for sharing the links:)

  13. Oh, Deb! You make my heart glad. I just cleared out my reader as well and you got plunked smack dab in the 'friends' pile with my other IRL friends. Because while your quilts are lovely, it is You I always come to see.

  14. Ha! I just did a little clear out yesterday too.
    Less is definitely more in blog land I think.
    And thank you for including me, although your description did make me laugh a bit. I'm struggling up hill today and the thought that others are following along is a bit frightening.
    Big love to you Miss Deb. One day we will meet. Of this I have no doubt. xx

  15. Oh I love posts like these Deb, love checking out new blogs and seeing some of my favourites on there too!!

  16. Aaawww, thanks Deb. I feel very humbled to see my name on there.

    I hope one day soon, our paths will cross in real life.

  17. Thanks for the list of some new (to me) blogs!It's strange how some people write so beautifully that you feel you know them when actually you could pass them in the street and not recognise them!

  18. I feel the same about some bloggers... there's some people who are very good at writing and reflecting their thoughts on (I was going to say paper!) screen and share some many good things. It just makes you feel good to know that there are people like this out there. Pity you don't have them all living closer!

  19. you're so sweet, deb! i feel the same way about you. :) your little giveaway sounds like so much fun! count me in. :) lora

  20. I had the exact same feeling about my reader. So many blogs I was just skimming, scrolling down quickly. So I stopped reading some blogs simply because it was taking too much of my time. I might return to them at a later stage but now I'm happier with a smaller list.

  21. Aww thank you so much (I think? Are you calling me crazy??!!?? haha). You are such a sweetie, and I love your blog (even though I haven't had as much time as I'd like this year to read blogs). xoxo

  22. Nice post deb, I will make sure I have a look when I get my computer sorted.

  23. Awesome idea Deb - recommended blogs are always a treat to visit. Let's have coffee soon okay? xx

  24. Awe Deb I am so there!

    Thanks mentioning little old me, I am a gem!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think I shall do some sharing of blog love myself.


  25. Thanks for the suggestions! I never promote my own blog too.. Have a nice day!

  26. Oh some new blogs to check out. Lovely. Thank you.x

  27. Totally chuffed Deb!!! Hope you do make it across the ditch and desert one day.
    ... but for now email me your address so that I can send those crochet circles to you!!!
    You're a sweetie... and have totally made my day.

  28. Deb - I've been trying to weed through my blogs as well . . . DON'T GIVE ME MORE GOOD ONES TO READ!! lol.

  29. I really like the idea of doing a little run down on new blogs I find. It's hard to keep track sometimes. I had to laugh at the comment by Skooks, I know the feeling but it's sooo tempting to add another blog to the follow list isn't it?
    Thanks for the suggestions
    Jo :)

  30. Hi Deb, I did not comment here for AGES..... Love all the links...please give me more........
    I have a vintage giveaway on my blog!!!!!


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