Friday, March 16, 2012

My Place and Yours: From the archives... till now!

In the beginning there was Pip who had a great idea....

  • This meme starts each Saturday. But join in any time you like during the week!
  • Each week we'll have a new theme. The theme will be a place/perspective : out the window, in the top drawer, down the lane, at the post office, in the kitchen, at work, your cafe, under this, behind that, inside the other... whatever. Just a kind of common place or perspective we all will have. I don't want to take the fun out of it by suggesting too many - think about the things we do each day and the places we go, or utilise and go from there!

    The theme will be suggested by a different meme participant each week. So if you play this week, you'll be in the running to choose next week's theme. And so on. Get the picture? The person that suggests the theme is called the Theme Queen. Theme Queens will be announced each Saturday. Theme Queens might be boys too, if any boys are reading. I'm okay with that. I like boys. (Your link will go in theblogroll over there on the right if you are the Theme Queen.)
  • To play along :: Post an image of the place/perspective suggested by the Theme Queen. You might just post a little vignette of the theme. Or a photo you took way too quickly with your phone camera. Or you might post a few styled up shots of the place/perspective if you're totally into it. Interpret it the way you want to! Simple. Plenty of room for movement. A little explanation would be nice too. If you can be fagged. And sign up below. If you please.

See it is awesome isn't it? then the meme travelled around a bit till it got to Vic who played with it a bit now and then, and now it has come to me! I love it and I love going to have a peek at your place and seeing what you do. I have decided to go back to what Pip did at have a theme queen. Funnily enough I was going to do this and had thought that Lou would be a great person to have as my first Theme Queen, when bless my cotton socks, if she didn't play first this week. 

So this week, pop across to see Lou and play along and link up at her place. I will pick from those who participate this week, to be the Theme Queen next week. Sound good???


  1. Oh Deb,I would love to join in - it is so much fun - but I am going away for a holiday to the North Island for three weeks and not sure how often I will get to my computer. So, though I will be absent from making my own posts for this, know that I will be checking on all your posts when I can. Have fun.

  2. Hi Deb, great work taking over My Place and Yours ( i joined in late last year)and Theme Queen sounds a whole lot of fun.........


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