Thursday, March 22, 2012

Things I'm loving....

Clean cloth on the kitchen table!

The relationship these two have... Grandma and Annie-Rose!

Warm porridge for breakfast on Autumn mornings!

This little girl and her quirky dress sense!

Getting goodies in the mail.
Amber still has some of these for sale!

Bright floral china for everyday use!

Finding a perfect roll of wallpaper to put on one wall of my kitchen
when it gets repaired sometime!!

More loving here!


  1. There is something very wonderful about Grandma's. :-)

    The wallpaper is great!

  2. your house, is like my dream house. full of love, warmth and bright colours of thrifted goodness.

  3. My youngest loves porridge in the cold mornings, hasn't asked for it yet but give him chance!

  4. Love floral china for everyday use! Awesome wallpaper too

  5. Some beautiful retro things going on

  6. Just started to put together a happy hodge podge of china thrifted from Goodwill. Love it, and so much more fun to hand wash than plain white dishes? I have just a few more stitches on the binding of a table quilt, then I will have a fresh clean cloth on my table too! It's the little things.


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