Monday, March 19, 2012

A Vintage Quilt... made with love!

While we were away I espied this quilt one morning on one of the beds,
and I took it down to have a good look at it.

It is a beautiful beautiful quilt made from bits of old clothes,
both woolens and knits and it is very heavy, I imagine it has a blanket inside it too.

It was made for our friend Paul by his Grandmother
and it has totally stood the test of time.

This Grandma really knew how to make quilts, she made them for all her grandchildren
and it is very well made. In fact it is by far the best example of this type of quilt
that I have ever seen.

As I held it I wondered what hopes and dreams she sewed into this quilt
and how she imagined the little boy would love it.

I can tell you she would be a very happy Grandmother if she could see
both Paul and the quilt now. They have stood the tests and ups and downs of life.

The backing is awesome too, this is a quilt not afraid of colour!!
Also although the pieces are not of exact shape and size this quilt lies flat
(I just didn't put it in the picture) which is the bane of the quilter
and it is a good rectangle shape.

Just shows we can obsess over perfection
but it really doesn't make the quilt any more loved!!!!

Isn't this quilt fantastic??
I would be so happy if I came back in forty years and found my family still using my quilts
and the quilts wearing as well as this one.


  1. Wow! That is indeed gorgeous Deb. A friend of mine has a crochet one her Grandmother made in the 1940's. It's beautiful, only a couple of moth holes but still usable.

  2. You know I think I almost prefer this type of quilt to the ones we make just perfect. It's so colourful and cosy looking.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Anne xx

  3. This is an absolute gem of a quilt !! !! I love it !! !!

  4. A wonderful quilty post! Reminds me of the Gees Bend quilts.

  5. i love quilts like these...they tell a story using the bits of clothes and fabric from other projects, are comfy, cosy and beautiful. Really like the stripes along the bottom on this one. x

  6. It is fantastic and I'm guessing made some time ago, yet isn't it funny how its very much in keeping with a lot of 'modern' quilts I'm seeing on flickr


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