Monday, April 9, 2012

Annie-Rose had a birthday...

Our wee precious has grown so quickly from this tiny little dot....
to our beautiful big girl who turned three this week.
Look at the expression on her face as she unwrapped her new baby.
She is in love with her, it's so adorable.

Every day is so much fun with this wee girl,
she is full of love and joy and just happiness of life.

She loves being in the thick of everything
and everything is just that much brighter because she is there.

We had a fun day and a wee party at night
(well two bowls of lollies and a packet of chips and a bowl of dip,
that's a party isn't it??)

We are so grateful for our Annie-Rose,
she was just what our family needed.

Have fun being three darling girl!!!


  1. Awww ... what a sweet we girl you have. Happy birthday!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Annie-Rose.
    Anne xx

  3. Happy Birthday Annie Rose xxx

  4. Happy Birthday adorable girl xxxx

  5. three already!!! my goodness the time goes so quickly with these little ones! she is adorable.


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