Monday, April 30, 2012

Flea Market Finds: a Quilt!

I've just come back from a relaxing few days in Sydney
with Sharyn and Simona. We had a blast.
We managed to fit in a trip to the amazing Rozelle Markets,
I love that place. I would go every week if I could.

I spotted this beauty on a car bonnet and asked the guy in charge how much,
the answer $40. Forty dollars? you couldn't buy the batting for that
or the backing or the binding. It's a bargain.

I didn't measure it, but it will well cover a queen sized bed.
Isn't it fantastic?

Close up of the yellow block

Close up of the blue block

I love it, but I gave it to Sharyn, it wouldn't fit in my bag
and she will love it on her bed in the "winter".

It had a sign on the back made in Cambodia and it is very well made.

The parks in Australia have high fences around, 
is it to stop children escaping? so I took the quilt down to the local one morning
to photograph it.

I walked down to the park in my pyjamas to take some pictures,
I'm pretty sure some of the commuters had a wee giggle.

See, here's a pic to prove it!
Anyway wasn't that the best find ever??


  1. ha ha you could submit that for wardrobe weds!

  2. Excellent find Deb!
    Hope you guys had a fab time!XX

  3. How fantastic to find a beautiful quilt like that so cheap. i can't believe people can sell such hard work off for so cheap. what a lovely find!

  4. haha love the pjs!!
    Patchwork quilts are priceless!

  5. this must have been the week to find quilts at the flea market. i found one too! i love that you went down to take pics in your jammies

  6. WOW! What an amazing find, deb! :) i esp love the blue print with the stars...

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  8. Love that blue and yellow together...very nice! Reading your profile...we also have chickens! I just came back in from going to the hen house to check for eggs...3 of our new girl rescue hens were taking dust baths...I never know that chicks could be so entertaining!

  9. Love the Quilt and can't believe you were so keen to get photos that you headed off in your PJ's. x

  10. Little late, but Rozelle markets are held on the site of a primary school. All schools have at least waist height fences around them in Oz, and Rozelle has one that is way high!
    And Calico and Ivy is way cute. I just didn't get there often enough.


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