Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Girls are Princesses and Boys are Fairies [apparently]

Annie and Archie played dress-ups the other day while I was cooking dinner.

Complete with pearls and cardigans.

They were so serious about it all, it was just adorable.

So so cute.
Annie said "We are princesses",
"No," said Archie, "Girls are princesses, boys are fairies"

So there you have it.

Oh complete with wings!!

Archie the fairy.

James came home and said, "Quick take a picture, every boy needs a picture of himself
in a pink tutu. I've got one of me somewhere!"

It's true he does. Somewhere.
But quick as a flash of fairy dust, he is a man now doing man day's work.
It makes me a bit sad, because I think he should still be at school being a kid.

They grow up way too fast. But these two still have plenty of play ahead of them.

I'm glad. It's so much fun to watch them and listen to their imaginative play.

Archie's current fake smile. He could sell ice cream to Eskimos I think.

They are bestest buddies these two. Long may it continue.
Live long and prosper little princess and little fairy.


  1. Ah so cute - my boys are still rather partial to tutus

  2. Such a beautiful princess, and that fairy is adorable!

  3. Oh my word that is toooo tooo cute.

  4. they are so adorable....i love that archie is in the tutu....and that James has a pic of one as well. i know my Mitchell has a few for sure. in fact, it was not a pink tutu, but the first pic i ever put on my blog was of Mitchell wearing a black leotard with a leopard tail and ears headband thanks to his big sister.

  5. squeal in delight at that cuteness and oh my that pink hat Annie has - oh it would look lovely in my pretty pink home :)

  6. They are just adorable.I love listening to the littlies when they are absorbed in a game, some of the things they say are just amazing. x


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