Monday, April 23, 2012

Show and tell: Assembly Point Quilt

I made this quilt on a whim recently and Shenleigh quilted it.
It was a super quick and simple quilt, but it's a funny one.
It came about after I saw all these signs popping up around Christchurch,
places for people to meet when you evacuate after an emergency.
I thought it would be funny to have a quilt as an assembly point.

So I made one for our bed.... the assembly point.
I did take a liberty and make it a man and a woman though.
Three men in a bed would be a bit much!

I made it from old sheets and attached the figures and words with visafix.
I hand stitched a running stitch around the letters and figures.
It's worked out great and we all like it.

Doesn't every family need a quilt as an assembly point??

Yes I think so. My friend Anna is thinking of making one for a wedding present.
It's probably a Christchurch "in" joke, but we all get it!


  1. Ha ha that is SO cool! I think I may copy it!

  2. I love it ! Yes 3 men really would be a bit much , lol !

  3. this a great on a whim quilt

  4. Love the quilt! Also the sense of humor displayed! You know things are getting better when you can begin to laugh about it!

  5. You are so clever, love the quilt!

  6. that is very cool and so innovative. Definitely a hit for CHCH folk. You should do a PDF pattern and sell it.


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