Monday, April 9, 2012

Squeezing the last goodness from summer.....

We had a lovely Easter break with our friends in Omarama
who are generous enough to share their holiday home with us.
We've been down a few times this summer and it's been amazing, we are so grateful for FUN!

It made me so so happy to see the autumn colours,
I've always wanted to see the autumn leaves in Central Otago for myself
and they did not disappoint. It's amazing.

The boys had an awesome treat yesterday and went up in a small plane,
David took some lovely photos, this is Lake Benmore which is enormous (this is just part of it)

The weather was toasty warm which we didn't expect,
so nice to soak up some sun before the colder weather sets in.

I knitted one wrist warmer for Annie, sewed down the binding on a quilt,
and finished making the hexagons for the bag I want to make.

Good friends, good food, sunshine and a lake to play in, what more could you ask for??

Our dog Mondo thinks he's a boy, he LOVES the jetski. Silly dog!!

And then the long trip home. 
It's worth every bit though, as we travel and remember all the fun times
and leave a piece of our hearts behind in the deep south.

We have been so so blessed this summer. Family fun is the best!
Home again to two sick teens who had a lovely time at Easter Camp
and 700 loads (may be an exaggeration) of laundry!


  1. Ha! I never noticed the dog until you pointed him out. Is he a Poodle? Poodle's are insanely fun!

  2. Love central otago my inlaws live in Dunedin but have a place in Millers Flat (close to Roxburgh) and we just love it there. Looks like a fantastic trip :)

  3. It looks so lovely there, a perfect place to get away from it all before the weather turns cold. Glad you had a lovely Easter.


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