Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thrifty finds...

Finally, finally I found a crochet pot holder.
I found one once that went to live with the lovely Kate,
but never since.

It makes me so so happy. I'm hoping to end up with a collection,
but hey you got to start somewhere!!

A few more little pots. I have four now.
I've brought a masonry bit for the drill and I'm hoping David will drill holes
in the bottom of them and then I'm going to plant bulbs and nurture them
all winter and hopefully have flowering bulbs next spring.

These tiny little cups I think are egg cups,
well that's what I'm going to use them for anyway.

This was a real find, 21 tiny little puzzles for Annie,
super cute and great for her to play with, she was really happy.

This cute little tin gave Annie and I a surprise,
when you open the lid it plays music. I think we might be able to keep our playing cards in it.

And Annie chose these, but actually I discovered they are tupperware blocks,
funny because they probably would be expensive but we paid $3.
Reuben was stoked he loves blocks.

On another note, Reuben stayed home from school today because apparently he had a sore tummy,
I was dubious about whether he was or not, but I said he could stay home 
but he had to stay in his room.

He came out just before and said it was too boring to stay in his room,
and besides he didn't feel at all sick and could he go to school???

Hahahahahahaha yes darling, of course.
He gets dressed in his uniform and off he goes.
Parent 1: Child 0


  1. I love all of your thrifty finds! I guess I need to go to the thrift store more often.

    Those pots are really pretty. I love any sort of flower pot.

    I have those same Tupperware blocks! They are awesome. Mine used to be my grandma's. They also each used to have a little green figurine that went inside to illustrate whatever letter the block is :)

  2. Good scores! Did you get all of these today? Ahh we have those blocks at church! Did you know they come apart and you can attach them to each other so they make a big long snake?

  3. Great thrifty finds. I like the idea of planting bulbs in those little pots, you will have some lovely colour come spring.
    Bedrooms can be SO boring when on isn't really sick. :) Well don Mum!!
    Anne xx

  4. Those soon to be planter pots are gorgeousand those egg cups look like crown lynn-love that teal colour. I'm going to file your kid-skiving-school tactic for future reference, very clever x


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