Monday, April 16, 2012

Today at my house....

I'm remembering the weekend.
We had an amazing weekend. It was raw courage at it's best.
Watching children against all odds achieve amazing things,
seeing your child do the very best he can,
it's makes you feel so small, and so grateful.
This is Charlotte a quadruple amputee.
She is one gutsy girl, you can only stand and admire her determination.
It was great, more than great. 
I stayed with the lovely Cat and family and was spoilt rotten.
I also met Leoni, Lisa and Natalie. It's lovely meeting other bloggers.
Natalie very generously gave us a Crochet lesson
and I finally started my ripple blanket with some delicious wool I brought from Natalie.
Natalie is a fantastic teacher, if you want to learn I recommend contacting Natalie.

I'm loving books waiting for you to open when you get home!!
I can't remember where I saw it, but I ordered it off Book Depository.
It's a cute book, but actually cute things that I would make.

See this? adorable. It's full of things that I want to make.
Some books just look cute but you don't want to make them really.

This little necklace is lovely too. I'd like to make it for Annie.

I'm so grateful for awesome friends who send presents.
Annie was sent this adorable bunny make by Jacqui this week.
Isn't it fantastic. Thanks so much Jacqui, it's amazing, Annie loves it.

We are enjoying the school holidays,
and lovely lego sent to us to review! Reuben has been in Recycle truck heaven today,
more about that another time.

We are planning Annie's birthday. It's a birdie birthday, she is adamant.
I have a few ideas on my Pinterest board to do.

Easter bunting hanging on the wall. I don't really want to take it down,
I think I'll make some more with dollies and linen, it's such a nice combination.

What's happening at your house this week??


  1. What a great weekend for you :) Lovely memories and goodies all round. Great to meet you - looking forward to the next time x

  2. Glad your weekend was amazing. Love the book and your Easter Bunting. Have a good week. x


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