Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Today I polished the silver candlesticks...

Have you seen the movie "Second-hand Wedding"?? 
If you are an op-shopper or thrifter, you will LOVE IT.
It's a New Zealand Movie and its funny and warm and down to earth.

In the movie the mum is collecting stuff for her daughter's wedding
including a silver candelabra. 

A while back I found a couple of silver candlesticks at the opshop and I had an idea.
I came home to Chrissy and told her I was going to buy every silver candlestick I found
until she got married. Chrissy wanted to stick those candlesticks somewhere.

Every now and then I polish them, and pray and dream dreams for my precious daughter Chrissy,
and the amazing girl my daughter is and how she is growing up such a precious woman.

Every kid needs a bit of time where their mum prays for them
and dreams big dreams for them.

I figure that my silver candlesticks need polishing regularly
and that's a good time for thinking about Chrissy!

You see it's ok to dream dreams for our kiddies
and have hopes and visions of their futures,
but as long as we let them get on with it,
while we polish the candlestick, that's all right. They have what it takes if we support them.

And when Chrissy sees the shiny candlesticks, 
she rolls her eyes and groans, but she knows that I love her
and isn't that what every kid needs?? to go about knowing their mum loves them!
I think so. I expect to polish these candlesticks many many times. It's a labour of love.


  1. Ah but what if she doesn't choose to get married? Does she get to keep them anyway? :-}

  2. Oh this is so lovely - my heart is in my mouth

  3. I loved the movie and I love your wee collection

    I went to 3 op shops this morning with tired cranky hungry children - I prayed they would behave long enough for their Mama to get some shopping done ;'(

  4. Ahhh, but you never know. God is listening and maybe chuckling a bit knowing what is ahead for Chrissy. You polish, He will work on Chrissy;-)

    blessings, jilly

  5. You have such a beautiful way with words. It really is all we can do isn't it just love them and accept the fact that no matter what we dream and hope for them it may not be what they are dreaming or hoping for.

  6. what a lovely, lovely thing to do deb! x

  7. You are a wonderful mama and inspirational lady! Loved seeing your name in the latest OHBaby too!

  8. Great Job! I appreciate your idea to repurpose silver candlesticks. Collecting silver artifacts has traditionally been a very popular hobby. The shine of this sterling candlestick is also so elegant.


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