Thursday, April 19, 2012

We had a fantastic birdie party.....

I printed off loads of these and hung many coloured birds on strings with little pegs.

We set out a bunch of quilts, the toy tea-set and a suit case of books.
We also set up a station for making bird feeders (which I forgot to photograph)
and a bird-biscuit icing table.

Love this picture of Annie taking a sneaky lick of the knife!!

I found a bird cutter at the op shop and made loads and loads of shortbread birds
and then we set up lots of coloured icing and a few sprinkles.
I was surprised how much they loved this. The kiddies spent ages icing biscuits
and kept coming back to do some more.

The birthday girl and her wee friend Sacha.
Oh my little kids are adorable. They were just all so sweet.
I had evicted all the big boys out the front to the newly made skate ramp (thanks David)
and fed them occasionally. But it was just so nice to only have little ones at the party.

No home made food were harmed in this party!! 
Yep, I just opened packets and put them on the table. 
The kids loved it! it was simple food, but food they love the best.

I did make these banana cupcakes which looked fantastic.

Even all the mothers agreed that we love Le Snak. They are such a treat.

My good friend Kate made these super cute rainbow cupcakes.
Ah it really was a cute overload yesterday. These were hugely popular.

Look at these sweeties!

There was time for jumping on the trampoline.

A bit more quiet biscuit icing.

And some tea party playing.

Ah it was great. That's birthday party 46 that I've run for my kids, 
and believe me the simple ones are actually the best.
We all had fun.

Happy Birthday Annie-Rose!


  1. Happy Birthday sweet Annie and what a wonderful birthday party full of colour !! !!
    Love the "no homemade food was harmed" tee hee hee
    Yes simple is best
    Cuteness overload and such lovely quilts

  2. 46 birthdays - Deb surely you have some kind of special award for that!!Happy birthday little lady x

    Oh it looks like such a happy happy day! Glad that you all had fun. (I like the way you do parties!)

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  5. Absolutely gorgeous Birthday! Just perfect. x

  6. Happy Birthday Annie-Rose! My own children loved to ice biscuits (called cookies here) and it was a Christmas tradition for many many years. Now my daughter does it with her boys-great fun for all!

  7. those birds are such a perfect little touch. this looks like a perfect and amazing little party

  8. Such a fabulous party. Love it. Everyone looks so happy. Wonderful. Love the birdies. So special for someone so special.

  9. 46!!! Legend!!

    I love the idea of icing bickies - good way to use up some quiet time ;)


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