Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why I should learn to say no....

Some time last year the lovely Ann invited me to be part of a the geese in a ring bee
that she was running. I was flattered and honoured to be asked
and after a a bit of to-ing and fro-ing I said yes.

I have made the seven blocks required in the required colours
and they look ok. But they are late, very very late,
I hate being late and I hate letting people down.

The tension in my machine didn't like the paper,
also the blocks I received had amazing neat seam allowances
and mine are all over the place.

I found the blocks really really hard to do.
The paper piecing nearly killed me actually. I have to confess I hated it.
But I did finish them and I was so proud of them.

I was so so happy with how they were turning out,
but then I saw the others and I didn't like mine.

Doesn't anyone else have this problem??
I'm not a bad quilter, but I get terrible performance anxiety when I have to do something
specific for someone to a dead line. 
I'm more than happy to make something and go, that's good enough to give away
but making to order, it just doesn't suit me.

Lesson learned the hard way, but I guess it's just my pride that's dented!
I've brought a peace offering to go with my bee blocks,
a fat quarter and some chocolate. 

I hope it sweetens the deal.

Does anyone else have this trouble or just me??


  1. they look amazing to me Deb!!

  2. No just you....hahahahahahahah.....
    Actually anything done to a deadline is deadly....tish boom

    I struggled to do a quilt for my son for Christmas, deadline sucked the fun out until I had finished, and don't over think the perfection thing, as a good friend says, " a blind man would be happy to see it," ...and I hope I have not offended anyone with that quip.

    Seriously anything made by someone else is a gift, we crafters know the effort taken.

  3. totally understand where your coming from, i'm more enthusiasm and ideas rather than skill and i just hate the idea of someone feeling disappointed with what i made them. however you are so in a different league skillwise i can only suggest that you are a perfectionist, those blocks sure look perfect from where i'm sitting!

  4. I think they look amazing! I think we all put ourselves forward to do things and then regret it and struggle to get the task done. It's great that you completed the blocks and you need to go with you first instinct which was that you were really happy with them and proud of yourself for getting them finished. Don't compare what you have done with what others have done- if you hadn't looked at the other blocks you would still be happy with yours - which as I already said, look amazing!

  5. I think every creative person gets performance anxiety - especially when we are doing stuff for people who do it themselves.... that's the big issue they can already so maybe they'll notice our imperfections. You know what maybe they will but they'll also know the hours of effort, the worry about imperfection, the love and care.... and that is what will make them treasure it - not a perfect seam allowance. xx

  6. i am with you 100%. sewing for someone else on a deadline no less makes me tremble! i was so behind when we did the vintage bee blocks last year and so i avoid that situation now!!! the chocolate and FQ will most certainly make things more fun.

  7. I with you 100%! I just recently finished my first bee and the performance anxiety was a joy killer. I agonized over the seams, the neatness, the fabrics and kept imagining looks of disappointment from my beemates as they opened my packages. I loved all my blocks and never once examined one for correctness or measured any seam allowances. Why do I imagine that others do??

  8. I get where you are coming from Deb. That quilt is amazing! Beautiful. Don't sweat it!

  9. They look great...I love these blocks!
    I am the same way about sewing for others.

  10. I procrastinate something shocking when I have a deadline but always manage to get there in the end. Your blocks are lovely and I'm sure everyone else thinks so too, the trouble is we are our own worst critic when it comes to publicly displaying our work.

  11. Firstly Deb, those blocks are simply gorgeous, but I hear you. I love making cards, scrapping etc, and I know (no big-headiness) that my work is good, but the minute it;s for someone, even a birthday card for my sister, I'm a wreck and I hate everything. You are not alone, but your work is wonderful.

  12. Deb,all your work is delightful and totally inspiring. Things may not be as they 'seam' - I imagine that joining in with the geese ring bee was all about learning something new and connecting with other creative people. Please don't be so hard on yourself. I love your blocks - the design and your choice of fabrics work so well together.

    P.S.I have just e-mailed some teaching type information to someone I don't know who requested it of me. Currently sitting with a 'tangled tummy' waiting for their response. Performance anxiety? I think so!!


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