Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Annual Sister-In-Law Quilt....

I had this quilt in my head but it didn't turn out quite like I imagined.
Sometimes that happens doesn't it.
I had seen a lot of lovely plus sign quilts on the net
and I thought I could make one from two charm packs and a bit of yardage.
Well it turns out that all charm packs are not created equal,
so therefore my quilt is not exactly as I wanted it.

It's still a lovely quilt and it's a lovely colour scheme,
but the plus signs don't stand out as well as I imagined they would.
Luckily Shenleigh quilted it within an inch of it's life,
and it looks fantastic.
I took pictures of last years quilt on this self same fence
as our local supermarket was being pulled down,
I remember standing in the freezing cold taking pics with tears in my eyes.
Today the sun was shining and the new supermarket is rising from the dust.
What a difference a year makes, thank God.

Close up of Shenleigh's amazing quilting.
It's just so lovely.

My SIL is an amazing mum, and incredible hostess and a loyal friend.
She is so busy doing things for others, 
she doesn't have much time for herself.
I love making her a quilt each year, it's the one thing I can do,
that I know she will love.

I'm hoping she will love this one too!


  1. it is so fun to see these fabrics in action...i am just about to break into my charm packs of this same fabric for a Amy Smart quilt pattern. i love how it turned out. Your SIL will love it. as always the quilting is so pretty

  2. Hi. Any details or website etc for Shenleigh who does your quilting. I have friends asking who to take their quilts to. Cheers Karen

  3. Its a beautiful quilt, love all the colors and who's to know its not what it was supposed to be? I'm sure your SIL is going to thrilled to receive it, you are certainly a lovely SIL yourself!

  4. Of course she will love it because it's beautiful and made with LOVE

  5. Your quilts are gorgeous xxx


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