Monday, May 14, 2012

A few thrifty finds in Autumn tones...

A cute little dish, that I've seen a few times
but this time it came home with me. 
I'm going to put it by my bed and put my earrings in it.

A basket, because you can NEVER have too many!

A game that I hope Reuben and I can play together.

A tea towel dated 1981.
We booked tickets to Melbourne in December for my brother's wedding.
Using this tea towel will remind me of our up-coming trip.

Thirty one years old, kept for best I imagine,
it's going to get a lot of use in our house!! Always a few dishes here.

I also got a bolt of beautiful old flannelette for quilt backs and what have you,
lovely and soft and won't rub up like modern stuff. $15 the whole bolt. Nice.

I also found a lovely metal tray which will make a lovely memo board.
I got this one for Nin if she wants it, otherwise Reuben will be happy with it.

And last by not least a nice bright tablecloth for the kitchen table.

Weird how my thrifty finds are colour co-ordinated today!!
Amazing how many good things you can find in a quick trip to 
the City Mission.


  1. score - I am so jealous of PIT I really want a copy of that game it's heaps of fun and VERY loud!

  2. Well done, which City Mission store was that? I'm particularly jealous of the flannelette; been looking for something to back the quilt I'm cutting out atm, just ordered some as I couldn't find what I wanted.

  3. ohh that flannelette is pretty! I have been to the op shop in ages - I just haven't found a good one here

  4. Loads of great finds there Deb!
    Especially loving the basket (i got 2 today!) and the tablecloth.xx

  5. I love a good calender tea towel, and your one is a beauty.
    And a great tablecloth. x

  6. oh wow that is a lovely tablecloth. i would love to go shopping or flea marketing with you and just hope that your luck would rub off on me so i could find such amazing things

  7. Lovely.... all of it lovely. You are quite good at shopping aren't you?

  8. great finds, deb! i especially love that tablecloth. :)

  9. My mum used to buy tea towel calendars and glue them to wood, top and bottom, with a string at the top so you could hang it in the kitchen. (She used to stain the wood to match a colour in the calendar.) She sold them to help supplement the christmas club money.
    And the tray has a pic of Neuschwanstein in Bavaria - that fairy tale castle.

  10. My family loves PIT. It is simple and oh so fun. You will have more fun the more people playing, but it gets loud.
    Seriously, $15 for the whole bolt? I am gonna try real hard not to be jealous!




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