Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Getting excited about Rice Cakes...

My kiddies think one of the best things about having a mum who blogs
is the fact that very very occasionally we get free stuff.
They think Baker's Delight are the best folks ever
but now we have been sent these rice cakes
they are coming a close runner up.

I had to use the promotional photo because these rice cakes were eaten so fast,
I couldn't get really good pictures of them.
They are fantastic, filling but with just enough sweetness to feel like it's a treat.

You can eat them plain and we ate most of them plain,
but they are also fantastic with a spread of cream cheese and some fresh fruit.
It was so lovely.

Chrissy may have also had cream cheese and brown sugar 
and declared it was amazing.

I'd like to try crumbling them and putting layers with fruit and yoghurt
in a glass, but they disappeared way before I could try it.
I've written them on the shopping list for next week!


  1. have never tried them, always though rice cakes to be quite dry, however the apple ones sound interesting

  2. I've been eating these for years Deb.
    I like cottage cheese on the plain ones, but you cant beat the caramel ones for sneaky snacking!

  3. oh yummy....i clearly do not give reice cakes enough credit, nor do i try to be creative with have some fantastic ways to eat them. just makes me want to go to the store and pick some up.

  4. I may have to try these. I have recently had to give up wheat, and am struggling to find sweet things that aren't incredibly full of fat and sugar.
    Pams also make excellent that are plain but have a very thin layer of chocolate on one side. Deceptively like chocolate biscuits!!

  5. I didn't know that you could buy sweet rice cakes. Think that these are going to be on my grocery list next week too.


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