Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A happy quilt for a friend....

I'm meeting my friend Tui for lunch today
and giving her this quilt.
It's two years and three months late but I'm going to give it to her anyway!

I was making this quilt around the time Tui had her son Isaac.
I didn't know Tui at all but some friends of ours told us about this baby that was born
and how sick he was and how he didn't have a good prognosis.
(Isaac is great by the way, he has challenges,
but he's an amazing little human now!)

Anyway at the time I thought, I should give that quilt I'm making to this family,
they seem like they need a quilt. They are going through the worst time.
But then I thought how I didn't know them and I thought it might be weird
and I talked myself out of it.

It's a beautiful quilt made from charm squares and super happy and cheerful to look at.
I really really liked it, but I always felt a bit sad I didn't give it to that family.

But over the last two years our paths crossed a few times
and Tui started reading my blog.
She also started writing her own, and so we have become friends.

Today for the first time we are meeting because we arranged it,
not because our paths have crossed,
and I'm going to give Tui this quilt.

I'm going to tell her it was hers all along and we've been looking after it.
I'm pretty sure she is going to be happy
and I would rather have a new friend than a pretty quilt.


  1. It is beautiful! I love the story too!

  2. Gorgeous quilt and a beautiful story. I'm sure she will treasure the quilts and the sentiment that goes with it. x

  3. I love your generous heart Deb and I must add Tui to the chch bloggers list as well!!

  4. Great story. Yep, that quilt belongs to that sweet child. It sure is pretty.

  5. What a wonderful gift. You are a lovely friend.

  6. oh please let us know how your meeting went.

  7. Deb it is such a lovely quilt from a lovely friend. I had tears in my eyes when you gave it to me and told me the story behind it. You are so generous.We will treasure this gift made with love by a friend we didn't know when we were going through such a difficult time. Bless you my friend <3

  8. I read this this morning and got teary, and getting teary now I'm leaving the comment. What an amazing gift, and there will be no weirdness, hopefully friendship for years!

  9. I am so glad you decided to give it to her. =) It's beautiful!

  10. awww... you made me cry too!! It was meant to be their quilt!! But i will also never forget the line "I would rather have a new friend than a pretty quilt!" That is perfectly put and sums up how i feel so many times when i give away a creation!

  11. It is gorgeous! Making lovely new friends is special x

  12. You are truly more beautiful than your beautiful quilts! Your loving caring nature shines through in all you do. Love and hugs xo

  13. Knowing a little of both your stories this makes me so happy that I am crying like a baby! Deb Im not sure you know how much you inspire people with your down to earth no nonsense LOVE. God has blessed you with a gift to really connect with people I pray that this gift continues to increase and you and your lovely family will be blessed beyond measure x


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