Friday, May 25, 2012

Hurray it's the weekend!

This morning we made a light box to take pictures of objects
and took a bunch of pictures.
It was actually very easy to make (there's loads of tutorials on the net)
and the results make me happy!

After I saw this tutorial I brought some hama beads off Trademe and they arrived today.
I want to play with them at some point. I think Reuben will love them too.

I went to the vet again at lunch time with our cat Garfield.
He keeps getting in fights.
We have agreed this is the last time we patch him up.
It's not nice for him at all.
I did not take a picture of the hideous wound on his head. It's not that kind of blog.

I've been looking at my Dresdens that I finally finished sewing onto their backgrounds.
I'm not super happy with the result, but I'm going to sew a big border on
and I think it will tie it all together. Not today though, maybe next week. 

Right now Annie is fast asleep and Reuben is watching a move
(he's poorly with a very bad cold)
and so I have the afternoon to do some things.

Not reading my new book that arrived today.

Not knitting this bunny with some thrifted wool.

No the computer is calling me.
I'm doing the edits for a book for a friend.
He's 70+ and is writing his life story for his family.
I typed it once and now I need to make all the changes.

I'm enjoying finishing off jobs that have been hanging about for ages.
Last week 15 cushions and this week a manuscript and the Dresdens quilt.

What are you finishing off this week??


  1. Not too much crafting happening here, busy with my TAFE course at the minute. Maybe some sewing tomorrow?

  2. your light box pic looks great, i'd love to try making one of them one day. And a friend told me ages ago about Hama beads- really need to get some as I think my 5 year old would love them!
    Hope Garfield gets better soon, from Megan :)

  3. nice easy osey weekend then huh... well Saturday arvo anyways. ENJOY!

  4. in my dreams i am finishing off a WIP quilt or two. i can not seem to settle on backing fabric for anything.

    you have had quite the productive few weeks. go you

  5. I was just petting that Gypsy Caravan print at a LQS yesterday...after deciding before hand not to like them.

    FAIL! Some of those prints are stunning!

    Love your dresdens, and that print is perfect for them.


  6. I have finished my big hex quilt top, now shes all basted and ready to go!!


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