Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last Saturday Morning....

Annie Rose woke at 6.40 and so we got up nice and early, had breakfast
and went for a coffee. First we stopped in Sumner to admire the amazing
yarn-bombed shipping container.

It was so bright and so happy and so lovely.
I haven't tweaked this picture at all (actually I rarely do)
but look how bright it is!! Squares knitted and crocheted from all around the world.

Reuben and Annie were so happy to be out in the sun after a week of grey skies.
David and I brought a couple of camera lenses for our twentieth wedding anniversary
(next month) and we took one of them out of a spin too.
Love the fact we can now take some good pictures of the landscape.

See how early we were, the sun is still low in the sky!!

Nice to see this building seems unscathed.

Reuben practiced walking on the sea wall. 
Annie thought it was too scary.

You can just see the snow on the Southern Alps in this picture,
there's been a lot more this week. There is a real bite in the air.

Oh cute little buddies.

Happy happy child. Child police, please don't notice the child is out in socks.
I'm sure there were boots somewhere.

Yes probably in here with me!
Weekends are great aren't they! 


  1. Oh I was there on Saturday too taking photos - but we didn't get there until late morning. Would love to have bumped into you!

  2. what a gorgeous view!!! were those people in the water? i generally don't care for early morning, but there is something peaceful and beautiful about it that comes through in your pictures....happy anniversary, soon!

  3. Love the yarn bombing.....ahhhh can I ask re the new header quote.....quilting, thrifting, 8 kids?

  4. One of my favourite places on this earth. I have played with my grandchildren in the play area at the side of the clock tower, but only in summer-time. Must visit New Zealand in winter, will put on my to-do list (or bucket list at my age) LOL. Thanks for sharing.


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