Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Liberty Book of Home Sewing...

A while ago I brought this book from Book Depository.
It's such a pretty book but it's not just pretty
there are a couple of projects I want to make from it.

There is this cute bag with a nice square bottom,
with leather handles. I ordered handles from Tall Poppy
and they arrived yesterday.

See isn't that a cute bag. I've never used them before.
Last time I brought leather handles I chickened out and gave them to someone else
(can't remember who now!!)

But the instructions seem idiot proof
so I'm going to give it ago with this grey Cath Kidson-type print
and some yellows (of course) to run in a strip along the bottom.

Well that's the plan anyhow.
In the meantime I'm actually washing laundry, cooking dinner,
sewing my annual quilt for my SIL, making cushion covers....
playing with Annie..... you know. Life.
But I can dream, and sometime I'll make the new bag.

Dreaming is fun though.
I recommend the Liberty book specifically for dreaming.
The projects are pretty simple, but you know, a girl has to dream.


  1. Looks fantastic. I thought the book could be a bit boring but this looks awesome. I love your blog. And I love the book depository - the prices are soo fantastic. Cheers Karen

  2. I like this post, Deb - dreaming. Don't I have lots of those plans, too. I might just have to get my hands on a copy of that book - I have a collection of Liberty fabrics that might be ready to have a job to do!

  3. Yeah a girl has to dream, you should see some of the cards I make at night when I'm busy in the restaurant lol!

  4. great colours :) great book, The book dep is such a great resource. happy creative spacing.


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