Monday, May 21, 2012

The Liberty Book of Home Sewing

I mentioned I had this book last week.
Now I don't want to lead anyone astray, it's a book full of very simple projects
you could probably work them out, you know,
but it's SO PRETTY. I really like it. I feel inspired and want to make the projects.
That makes it a good book I think.

I ordered the handles off Tall Poppies.

And then last night I made a bag while tea was cooking.
It was so simple. Really the best things are.
I put batting in it left over from a quilt, just to make it more durable,
and I made it out of quilting cotton, because that's what I had you know.

And then after tea I sewed the handles on.
I'm desparately proud of the handles. The lady in Spotlight commented on them today.
Honestly it just looks like a real bag that someone could have brought.
And that makes me happy. 

Also making me happy, the fact my UFO pile is in more manageable proportions.
The end is nearly in site. The bed is clear (Annie slept in it a couple of times because she could)
and the desk is tidy, well as tidy as it's going to be.

Under the desk. Well we wont talk about that.


  1. Not surprised that the lady in Spotlight commented on it! Your bag is GORGEOUS!!! Love it!

  2. LOVE the new header too - uber flash!

  3. Love that bag! Those handles are great!

  4. Nice bag, I make handles like that for my bags - maybe I should sell them too!

  5. Awesome handles!!! Great work hun


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