Sunday, May 6, 2012

Scrap Basket Challenge: how many quilts can I make from one basket of scraps?

A few years ago I challenged myself to empty my scrap bag,
and I made loads of things from it, culminating in the Epic Quilt.
But as you can see the scraps have got out of hand again,
even though I made this quilt and this quilt.

So on saturday I tipped the whole thing out and made 8 piles.
This pile of strips for maybe Chinese coin quilts, also the cloud quilt in Molly Makes.
A bunch of florals and darker shades to team with the happy yellow I brought at
Calico and Ivy. I think this will be the Prints Charming quilt in Material Obsession.
Hmm such bright fabric. I think my camera was squinting when I took this!!

A piece of fish fabric and some greens and blues,
I need to make a quilt for a boy baby (now he's a month old oops)
so this will be just the ticket. Hopefully I finish it before his first birthday.
All my happy bright prints, there was a surprising number of them
to go with the Prints Charming fabric. Another Prints Charming quilt with these.
I just love log cabins and alternating them with a feature fabric
is one of my favourite things to do.
Isn't this amazing. Love. 

This pile of tiny little scraps is going to be pot holders I've decided.
I think I'll buy some proper batting for the pot holders.
This pile of larger scraps is going to be a Broken Dishes quilt. 
I think I'll get one print to anchor it as well. I do like that.

I ended up with a large bag of scraps that I will cut into 2.5 inch squares 
for the next Sarah Fielke quilt I want to make,
and a large bag of scraps I couldn't bear to deal with,
I think I'll ask the Christchurch Bloggers if anyone wants them.

I think there is at least 7 more quilts in this basket really I do.
I'm going to give away the left-overs as I go, so keep your eye on my progress
if you want to score some scraps!

I'm planning on getting to the bottom before the end of the year
plus finish all my current UFO's (I think there is 9)
May as well aim high!! Watch this space :)


  1. I'm with you on finishing UFO's - it is my plan to finish 3 quilts this year . . . .
    Gosh your scrap basket is very impressive LOL

  2. get into those scraps Deb, and Sarah's quilts are just the way to do it!!

  3. inspiring! Looks like you're going to be a busy lady! x

  4. What an awesome way to use up scraps. I had better not start any more quilts till I finish all the ufo's I have!

  5. oh wow! I have the same wash basket so I know that is a huge amount of fabric! Looking forward to seeing all those quilts - some beautiful fabric in there :)

  6. Good luck with all your plans for your scraps. I sat down and cut all my scraps up into squares from 2.5" to 6" and lots of strips. My cupboard is tidy and I have a head start. Took days to do it though!!

  7. Love your scraps, I cannot wait to see the results. My heart flutters too when thinking of the possibilities with fabric, hard to explain to others who don't quilt. Thank you for sharing your quilts and ideas it is lovely to see how others create.

  8. I love scraps. Looking forward to seeing all your quilts.

  9. Good luck! Lovely lovely scraps! I must ask, have you ever considered selling your quilts?

  10. Blimey, you've got your work cut out for you there Deb! Good luck with it all..
    Jo :)

  11. Does that mean you are coming to Julie and Julia??? Hope so - I am always SO impressed by the ways you play with colour

  12. Wow that's a huge basket of scrap Deb! can't wait to see them turned into quilts.


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