Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Today I took a big brave step...

When Annie-Rose started at Playcentre I started doing the training. 
It was free and I thought, why not? My brain had basically rusted out with lack of real use!
 So I started doing the training and I love it. 
I really love studying and learning. 
I'm a bit rubbish at writing essays, why write 1000 words when you can say it in 35, 
but hey I'm getting there!
When I sent to Sydney I talked with my sister Sharyon about what I might do next.
They encouraged me to consider doing a degree.
Last week I went to the great McDonalds for lunch with my friend Meg.
Meg was talking about what she should do next and I told her how I was thinking about study.
I'm not sure if it was the pink unicorn or the hot apple pie
but we made a decision to look into it from there.
Meg got right onto the research and before you can say Mrs Robinson
she had a student ID and had enrolled.

I thought I would start next year,
having a bit on my plate this year, but it turns out that the 101 course I want to do
only runs in the second part of the year.

So before you can say Mrs Robertson,
behold I have a student ID and have enrolled.

It's only one paper this year, but it's a start.
I'm going to do it VERY SLOWLY, because first of all I have Miss Annie
who I want to hang out with a much as possible till she's five
oh and I have to finish course 4 and work my day job as well.
But if I keep picking away at it, by the time I'm 50 I'll have a qualification.
A qualification that means I can work with families who have had struggles like ours
a qualification where I can put to use the lessons I've learned in the last 20 years.
A qualification I never ever dreamed I'd have.
I feel like I haven't done a lot of sitting and thinking about this,
but taking one step at a time I'll move forward.
Maybe I won't get there, who knows,
but I'm going to learn a lot of useful stuff in the meantime.

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks,
but I like what Henry Ford says....

"Anyone who stops learning is old, 
whether at twenty or eighty"


  1. Congrats!!! When I first started studying I wasn't good at writing essays but once you've written 10 of them you become a pro. I think it's awesome that you can start this year with the 101 paper :)

  2. OOOH! Love love love!!

    that is all!!

  3. Well done you! I think you writing shows incredible insight , wisdom and empathy. You will go goodly whatever happens.....yes I know that's a made up word but it fits.

  4. WONDERFUL! Wooohooo!!

    No need to waste years "sitting and thinking" when this decision is a very clever one. Well done you!

    Long term thinking, I love it.


  5. Awesome! I'd love to continue and complete my degree (abandoned with haste to preserve my mental health!) - it's something I dream about often. Well done you for biting the bullet!

  6. Go You!! Nothing like deciding what the heck now's as good as time as any!

  7. Yay for you! I am so proud of you for taking a scary step. My mama finished her degree while she brought us up and then went to teacher's college just before her last baby left home. The journey is just beginning!! xxxx

  8. Way to go Deb! Pursue your dreams and keep on learning!

  9. Sometimes it is good to take a big breathe and dive in, no matter how scary it might be. Well done!!!

  10. That's awesome Deb. I've been studying through the Open Polytech for the last year. It's tough at times, but it is great to see what you can achieve. You'll be great. My advice (if you want any?) would be to just try to do a little everyday to keep chipping away at it. Good luck!

  11. Oh wow!!!! Congratulations, what a big step. Yu will be awesome at it.

  12. This post has me grinning from ear to ear! GOOD ON YOU!!! Well done! Great to hear that you are following your heart. Mature students rock! Can't wait to meet up and hear all about it... When shall we do coffee???

  13. WAHOO!

    Cheering you on! Way to go!


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