Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A visit to Calico and Ivy

This was one of the highlights of my trip to Sydney.
Searching for and finding this dear little shop tucked away in beautiful Balmain.

I'd seen these pot holders on Instagram,
but I saw them with my own eyes. They are lovely and inspiring.

The fabrics, oh the fabrics.
I wanted to buy loads and loads and loads of them.

But I settled on two metres each of two of them
to go with the scraps in my scrap basket.

The shop is a delight to the eye, with books and wool and patterns
and this and that, all set out beautifully.

There's things made and things being made.
I wanted to sit down right then and there and start cutting and sewing.

There's vintage and new side by side, blended with an eye for detail.

This crochet must have been done with a tiny little hook.
It is a treasure.

Beautiful pears from recycled embroideries. What a great idea.

A couple of vintage egg holders now holding buttons.

And best of all Sarah.
Sarah who is so lovely we wanted to pop her in our pocket and take her away with us.
We missed seeing Kate, maybe next time.

If you are in Sydney, I urge you to take the ferry to Balmain
walk up to the shop and lose yourself in fabric heaven!


  1. I loved travelling alongside you on the Ig.
    I am desperate for a trip of my own to Calico and Ivy.
    Looks heavenly. x

  2. Wow Deb that looks like an AMAZING shop!! So much loveliness!

  3. What a gem of a place. How did you manage to resist all the goodies?

  4. I want to go right now! All those bolts of wonderful fabric with fabulous vintage inspiration. Brilliant.


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