Monday, May 7, 2012

Works in Progress: Dresden Plate

I've decided to work on one unfinished project at a time until they are all done.
There may or may not be 10 of them, ahem.
Did I mention that? maybe not.
Anyone this one is finally making progress.

Chrissy has been a bit poorly so I've been keeping her company,
working away on this project. 
It's tedious, slow work. Ages ago I'd sewn all the short ends of the petals
and I had to trim and turn them all.

Then I sewed them into circles of sixteen.
That didn't take long really.
And now I'm sewing them onto their bright backings.

I've decided to run a machine stitch around the centre of the circle,
just to fasten it down.

These two fabrics are going to be the centres,
I haven't sewn them yet. I'll sew the flower down first.

This is going to be the backing. I'm going to insert a spare dresden somehow.

I just love tiny hand stitches. I like to make them show just a little,
so I remember I did them by hand.
I love the wee surprises as you sew, seeing the colours match unexpectedly.

The petals are all random colours, and the backings are pinks and aqua/blues.
I think it's going to be lovely, at least I hope so.

I like a portable project that you can easily cart around the place.
Just a needlecase, a roll of thread and a pair of sharp scissors.

And a good number of pins.
My pin cushion is looking empty.

I can keep all the pieces in the lovely bag Louana made for me.
People often comment how patient I must be,
but I don't see it as patience, just plodding on from one stage to the next.

And it waits patiently in my basket for the next step.


  1. Loved this Good Morning post! Lovely pictures, lovely details of your quilting with care :)

  2. The plates do take a little bit of work don't they, but well worth it in the end. Your Quilt will look amazing when it is done.

  3. Deb, that is going to be a beautiful quilt! Love your color combos!! I really love that pink bike fabric! And your new header is great too!

  4. Hi Deb, I've nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award as I really enjoy reading your blog. I won't be offended if you'd rather not take part, and I hope you don't mind being nominated. All details are on my blog. Thanks, fi x

  5. Amazing as usual, I see the slow progress as meditative, the steady sewing, the slowing down of life as we sit quietly creating. I hope your Chrissy is well again, and I bet she loves your company and the quilts too.

  6. It all looks so beautiful! How I love quilts! I have some vintage dresden plate pieces that were my Gran's. I keep vowing someday I'll get them made up into a quilt. Beautiful hand stitching by the way!

  7. *blush* I started the Dresden Plate quiltalong, I really did. Then we moved to the USA and umm, I have NO IDEA where it is. But I know I must've brought it with me because it was in Sydney and everything in Sydney came with us.... It was cute too - all shades of mauve and purple, to go on white.


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