Monday, June 25, 2012

10 Ways to Stay Cheerful on a Cold Winter Day...

I know it's only June and winter has just begun,
but I already feel like it's going on forever. It's bitterly bitterly cold and grey.
It's hard to be an up person in a freezing cold world!

I wish I was in Kaikoura by the sea,
sitting outside the caravan in the sun, working away on some project
while sipping a cup of hot tea.

But instead this is what I'm going to do....

1. Cook something hot and filling for dinner, with lots of mashed potatoes and gravy.
2. Bake some bread rolls for afternoon tea and fill the house with warm smells.
3. Put away all the laundry I folded and vacuum the living room so it looks inviting.

4. Forage for some flowers for the table and the entrance.
5. Light some candles as soon as it starts to get dark.
6. Put hot water bottles in the children's beds to cheer them up when they go to bed.
7. Put some good music on the ipod dock and listen to it all afternoon.

8. Plan a camping holiday soon with all six of us, somewhere we can take the dogs
9. Bike down to school to get some fresh air.

10. Light the fire, keep on a warm cardy, snuggle under a blanket... keep warm.

What is your plan for keeping cheerful in this grey grey weather?


  1. Oh Deb I SO needed this! I -hate- winter. With a burning passion. Perhaps i should just embrace it and get on with making it okay rather than pushing against it!?

  2. I am having the opposite problem. It is 95 F/ 35 C. here at the moment. We do get extremely cold in the winter. Around -6F/-21C. On those cold, snowy days we like to cuddly with blankets and drink tea and cocoa and watch movies. I am always crocheting too.

  3. On the weekend it was Hand sewing and lots of DVD's with the fires burning and keeping us warm. Today is a rare and beautiful sunny day so at least it looks warm outside. Your 10 things are a good plan. x

  4. Move all my knick knacks around, put the flannelette sheets on the bed....yay...enjoy the inside and don't feel guilty about ignoring the garden for a while.
    Take a walk down to the beach, no one around and the wind and waves are invigorating, followed by hot drinks that warm your tummy, eat lots of hot chips. Enjoy the baking And realize that like all seasons there is change to look forward to. Oh and hand quilting is a joy as the quilt lays across your lap keeping you warm. Yep got to love it all, no point in fighting the weather.

  5. I love going to bed early after a hot Epsom salts bath. I buy those fuzzy socks and put on my nicest flannel PJ's. I also like making a stew in my Crock-pot to be finished when I get home from work.

  6. Well this afternoon I took myself downtown to a cafe, bought a hot chocolate and a brownie and sat by the gas fire and read the paper for about an hour...yummo, Felt real good afterwards.But I love your ideas so I'm off to gather some candles. :)

  7. I loved the whole coastline from Kaikoura to Christchurch.
    I even painted a picture, I just loved the dark pebbles and the blue sea...


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