Tuesday, June 26, 2012

6. Put hot water bottles in the children's beds to cheer them up when they go to bed.

Today I brought brand new hot water bottles for Annie and Reuben.

Then I pulled fabrics from my stash that they would really really like.

And I made them both a nice new hot water bottle cover.

Here's Annie with hers just after she got up from her sleep.

And Reuben with his. Oops a bit blurry.

He was really really especially happy with this fabric.

Two cute hot water bottles all cosy and cheerful.
It was so lovely to do something special for the children
to make them happy on a freezing cold day.

I've been working on a proper pattern for these
that will be available soon if you are interested!


  1. I made a hottie cover recently for Rascal- she loves it so much! Such an easy project, but will be loved for years to come!

  2. such a lovely idea Deb!! We even need to do that here at the moment. Brisbane houses are designed to stay cool - which isn't working when its a cold snap!

  3. I've a thing for hottie covers and i especially like these. I've never actually made one though...thats going on the winter craft list x

  4. I've been thinking the same thing for a little while and seeing your gorgeous Hotties is all the prompting I need - thanks Deb!

  5. very jazzy ,i love going to bed with a hot water bottle and snuggling in xx

  6. love your fabric choices for them...i always put some in the littles bed before he gets in there too. (And one for me later)...have yet to get to making my cover though. x

  7. OOOHHH! Please please can you make me one!!!!! I adore hot water bottles.... reminds me of when I had so much less than what I do now... :)

    We need a catch up also....

  8. Your hot water bottle covers look amazing. It really is the simple things we do for our children that mean the most. My hot water bottle has four legs and fur and never cools down as the night goes on. I have a feeling she thinks I'm her hot water bottle.x


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