Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Jubilee Party...

We had a lovely street party today in honour of the Queen's Birthday.
Everybody brought a plate of food in great kiwi tradition
and what a spread we had.

A good cup of English Breakfast tea in fine bone china
to warm us up. It was fairly chilly but that didn't stop us having fun.

It's great to live in a street where we meet regularly together to share food and drink
and to catch up on each other's lives.

There are a lot of folks coming to Christchurch from the UK and other places
to work on the rebuild of the city (both residential and commercial)
and some of them came too.

We got dressed up in red white and blue or some fancy jewels 
just to add a sense of occasion.

God save the Queen!!


  1. I love a good street party and have very happy memories of the silver jubilee street party i attended as a nipper. As an adult i'm just too anti-royals to join in, but my red, white and blue colour combo loving side is digging your party (and my heart skipped a beat when i saw you blue tin teapot!) x

  2. Any excuse to dress up and drink from fancy cups is OK by me. I had friends do this for THE wedding. It's all about community, and given what yours has been through what doesn't break you will make you.
    Have a teacake for me, hip hip hooray.

  3. this looks like it was so much fun! i love the Queen's silhouette.

  4. Ooh shall I get my wedding tiara out?

  5. Your street parties make me wish we lived on a street with neighbours rather than out in the middle of a paddock. They look like so much fun. x


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