Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Minutiae and a few thoughts about Parenting....

I read Alex's post about minutiae
and being in the midst of a week with many small and some large irritations
I thought I would stop a moment and notice some small things.
Like this baby quilt that needs five minutes to completely finish.

These four blocks for my scrap quilt, I love how they are coming together.
Sorting my scraps into similar types of fabric was the best thing
I could have done to use them up.

Parenting is a bit like sewing a scrap quilt.
Good bits and not so good bits sewn together making we hope a harmonious whole.

It's so hard with teens to let them make choices, 
to stand or fall, to know how far to let them fall,
to know that their choices reflect on you,
but you can't change the choices they make.
Hopefully all the little pieces will come together,
all the lessons learned and we will look back on this time
and see the bigger picture.

Anyway back to noticing the good things,
mum turned my raspberries by some culinary miracle into jam. 
Jam making is not on of my successful skills.

There's a big casserole simmering slowly in the crockpot to be served with rice for dinner.
I love having dinner all organised.

A hot cup of tea in a china cup, such a simple pleasure.

Bright colours of thrifted dishes.
Perfect for stashing left-overs for nana.

The sugar jar from Sydney which reminds me of happy visits there.

Quilts drying on the rack.

Plenty of small good things, which if you stop and take notice,
make you smile and realise the bigger things will work out too.

What minutiae is in your life this week??
What's keeping you going through the cold months or hard times??
I'd love to know.


  1. For me, its having special indulgences.
    Nothing too expensive, but at the moment its fancy loose leaf tea. It feels very indulgent discovering the different blends and enjoying the process of making and then drinking it. The little things that make us stop to pause for a moment, in a life that's so crazy busy.

    Crockpot is hard at work at our place too - best invention ever.

    I admire you as a Mum of teens Deb, we still have that ahead of us. You appear to be doing a wonderful job.

  2. for me it is His words into my heart. those words that come exactly when I realise my tank is empty, really empty. Love this post Deb. I tried to find your blog roll on your profile because I like checking out what other people read but with google connect I couldn't find it xx anyway I ramble!! Will I see you Tuesday night?

  3. Great thoughts on parenting teens!

    What keeps me going? Watching beautiful sunsets, drinking delicious coffee, and admiring our children as they grow!

  4. My small things are organising a small area. Rather than trying to tackle my whole hideously untidy house. I do a small corner and enjoy that - not stress about what is not done.

  5. right now my small thing is being HOME, wearing different clothes, (I had a limited amount of clothing for 4 weeks travelling) soaking in my bath, going for my morning runs . . . .

  6. My family keeps me going. And a good nap.

  7. I really love your blog. I gave you an award, go look on my blog when you get a chance.


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