Friday, June 22, 2012

Months and months ago I found this book at the opshop.
It's a great book with some awesome projects.

Like this cool dresden type block but with the red picked out.

and this real 1970 number took our eye and Shenleigh and I both were going to make it.
Mine never really got off the ground but Shenleigh has made a fantastic job of hers.

It's a vibrant cheerful quilt, full of colour and texture.
Shenleigh started with all patterned fabrics,
but quickly realised that she needed some solids for contrast.

Isn't it amazing? I love it.
I borrowed it for taking pictures to show you and then took it back.
Shenleigh is a local long-armed quilter in Christchurch
and does edge-to-edge quilting mainly.
I've had her quilt lots of quilts and I've always been very happy.
Someone asked me about her recently (sorry I can't remember who)
if you want her details, leave a comment on this post and I'll email you her cell number.

 I hope she never gives it away because I love to look at it!!
Isn't it fantastic? I really love the idea of taking an older pattern
and working it with today's materials.


  1. I love it - so bold and colourful!

  2. That is fantastic! I'm pretty sure I have that book, such great inspiration! You should give it a go!

  3. Quite possibly one of the most beautiful quilt designs I've ever seen. And This version of it is stunning! Is it quite expensive to have a quilt quilted? Seems like so much work!

  4. breath taking!!
    Happy weekend xx

  5. My grandmother gave me that set of books about 15 years ago. She was going to throw them away, she didn't sew. I love that quilt. I haven't made that one, but I have made others from that book. There was also a crochet book in the series and a knitting book as well. If you come across any of the others in the series you should grab them. Great ideas.

  6. Is that appliqued onto a foundation? Love it!

  7. That is my favourite quilt of all the ones you have shown us. I just love it!

  8. It's gorgeous , Ive checked that book out of the library in Texas and New Jersey USA about a bizillion times. I liked it so much . I dont think I can buy it here , maybe in a used book store ..Beautiful quilt.

  9. It is a work of art, beautiful. x

  10. This is so cool...somuch better in her color scheme. We're there any others that caught your eye?

  11. Hi. It was me who asked for her contact details etc. I have taught a beginner class and some of them want someone else to quilt their quilt. thanks. Karen

  12. I LOVE that quilt. I'm a sucker for 1970s design.

  13. WOW!!! Love it. I am sure I have seen this book somewhere too and drooled over its loveliness!


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