Monday, June 11, 2012

The most amazing Vintage Shop Ever....

David and I had a fantastic weekend in Auckland,
eating good food, seeing the sights and taking loads and loads of photos.

On the Saturday we went on a tour of Waiheke Island
which we really really enjoyed. We've never been on a bus tour before
but it suited us perfectly.

After the tour we stopped in the little village to have a coffee
and visited this incredible vintage shop.
It's called Victorian Gilt and recently moved to the Island from Auckland.

The owner has such an eye for sparkles, I actually have never seen so many
sparkles in one place.

There was every kind of vintage textile as well.

Oh yes and clothing, beautiful beautiful vintage and retro clothing.

Even a few vintage toys, I love this Teddy's cardy.
I remember having a cardy in a blue combo when I was five (38 years ago)
I still remember it fondly.

You could spend hours and hours searching about in the treasures
but it was closing time so we just had a quick look really
and took loads of photos.

Gill Ward who owns the shop was really friendly and knowledgeable
and has a team of experts to restore and mend anything
that needs some tender loving care.

I tell you what if I lived anywhere near Waiheke Island I would be a regular
visitor to this shop. Trust me it's worth the trip.

Did I mention about the sparkles?

Or the scarves??

Or the vintage linens??

Or the hatpins???

So so lovely!
Yes definitely worth a visit.
And definitely an amazing shop!!!


  1. Wow, what a find!
    A great place to take awesome photos day!

  2. Thanks Deb - I've been putting together out of the ordinary spots to visit on our trip later in the year - Waiheke Island is now on the list!


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