Monday, June 18, 2012

One charm pack + one set of handles = one bag

I started this bag so long ago that I can't even find the blog post of it's inception.
I know I had a Japanese Patchwork book that inspired it's beginnings.

I used the English paper-piecing method for the hexagons
with a charm pack that I particularly loved the colours of.

I did a wee bit of hand quilting here and there to hold it together.

I love seeing all the wee stitches like this.
I did make a mistake though when I trimmed the blocks at the end
i cut through the hand stitching and lots of the edges came undone.
I'm not sure how I should have done it really.

Aren't the colours lovely? soft grey, pink, lemon and a burnt orange.

Then I used my second and last set of handles on this bag.
I'm definitely going to order some more, they are fantastic.

I finished it one night and when I got up in the morning
Annie had claimed it for her wooden bowls.
"Thanks for the nice bag for me mummy" she chirps.

Seeing as I made that mistake and I think it might need on-going mending
I can't give it away. So Annie can use it.

It took exactly one charm pack, although I substituted two charms
for these two scraps from Auntie Cookie.
It's a perfect amount of hexagons to cut your teeth on and decide if you like them or not,
or to use up an unloved UFO if you have one!


  1. Nice one Annie (hee hee!) Proving yet again that she has impeccable taste!

  2. Annie, clever girl knows how to get herself a lovely bag for her things. She has great tasted as I love it!

    Where do you get the handles? Are they recycled?

  3. It's just perfect for Annie's bowls, how clever of you to make just what she needed. It is a very sweet little bag by the way. x

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  5. it is gorgeous and those Auntie Cookie hexies are too cute!


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