Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Piece and Love Hexagonal Progress

After I saw the giant hexagons that Claire at Self Sewn was making,
I decided to jump on the bandwagon and make some too.
I started making them and told the family I was making a table cloth,
but they are not having a bar of it,
so I think it's going to be a quilt.

Claire's one has about 200 hexes and I decided that sounded like a good number
so the other night I cut all the fabric to approximately the right size.

And cut a load of papers from a magazine.

Now it's all neat and tidy and ready for anytime I want to make a few.
I'm thinking this is a long-term project that I can plod away at.

I love using up random colours of vintage thread,
you know the ones that are too old to go through the machine
but perfect for a temporary running thread.

I love using these old scissors too,
I keep them in my hexagon kit.

It's a perfect project to cart around,
spread on a quilt and enjoy in peace and quiet.

This is the basket I keep it all in.
It's probably the nicest basket of this sort I have,
I think I have four or five of these shape, it's so useful.

I wish I could remember where I got the tutorial for the background quilt from,
I made it a few years ago and although I didn't love it much when I made it
because of the raw edges, actually it's worn well.

I really love vintage sheets in quilts,
their colours just go so well together.

Annie loves playing with the hexagons sorting and re-arranging them,
they are actually perfect for her to play with, 
my wee quilt designer.

I think I've made about 40, so 160 to go,
that's no too bad is it. 
Giant hexagons are absolutely the way to go.


  1. oh, I would love a giant hexie vintage sheet quilt. Jealous.

  2. That is a great big are those hexagons? Maybe I need to make one of these too!

  3. Beautiful - love the sheets

  4. Hi just found your blog and love it ,especially those hexagons and the fabrics are so pretty xx

  5. What a perfect project for a snowy day! Enjoy

  6. I love it! What a great idea. Looks like loads of work so you must post a picture when finished.

  7. That will keep you busy for a while, but it will be worth it in the end. Love the background Quilt. x

  8. 40!! Awesome work. They are so much fun to stack - I can see the allure for your little one :)

  9. oh jolly good!
    but I'm only looking at the other quilt. Making a rough edged quilt is on my too do list (still).
    I'm sat here contemplating quilting my hex eek!

  10. the giant hexes are so brilliant....but i am so in love with the quilt you are displaying everything on.

  11. oh vintage lovliness! i just might have to jump on the hexi bandwagon too then...yours is looking gorgeous.


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