Thursday, June 14, 2012

A quick Eco-Store trip....

Chrissy and I dropped Annie at Playcentre today and whipped off to do loads of little jobs.
You know the ones that take 10 minutes each but with a small child take half an hour
and then it takes three days to do them all in the window of opportunity
between school drop-off and the child's lunchtime nap.

One of the things on the to-do list was to go to the Eco-Store to buy a "new"
sandwich maker, but of course we found a few other treasures as well.
Like these chinese cups that just make me want to wrap my hands around them
and drink peppermint tea.

And this cute little bowl that I'm sure will come in handy sometime!!
I think Grandma would like this actually, I might offer it to her.

Chrissy was grumpy at me because she thought we were going to a "proper" shop
and not a "giant thrift shop" and she was bleating at me,
I don't know what part of "Eco-Store" she didn't get.
A chap who went past said she sounded just like his wife, lol, solidarity amongst thrifters.

But then she brought the tea cup and the anything jar
which made me laugh. It can't have been that traumatizing an experience.
I had an anything jar when I was younger too.

Johnson Bros joy.
These wee dishes are so so useful, durable and pretty. Now I have two of these.

Another frame. These look so great sprayed with fabric in them,
and they are really hard to find. I might do an embroidery for Reuben's teacher.

And one very useful basket to put near the door
and hold all the things I need to give back to people.
If you come to my house, check the basket,
there is probably some of your stuff in here!!! haha true story.

I did get a sandwich press, and it works and all, 
but I have to confess the sandwiches did stick rather to its ribs.
Oh well, for $16 the lot we didn't do too badly.
I might find a better one another day, or I might just figure out how to stop it sticking
(yes I buttered the outside of the bread and sprayed the machine)

Nothing like a few op-shopped treasures to make the rest of the morning
go past smoothly!! All our jobs got done and Annie had a good time too.


  1. OH how fun! My sister-in-law has a sandwich press and told me the more she uses it the more non-stick it becomes. I think she brushes a bit of oil on the press as she mentioned something about too much of the spray making it gummy over time. Enjoy and thank you for sharing your finds with us!

  2. Love that anything jar and the Johnson joy!
    (she loved it really, just didn't want to admit it!)x

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  4. You got a cool frame! I always look but never find any at the Eco-Store.
    Well done!

    P.s- had to delete last comment because of a typo. silly frozen sausage fingers!

  5. I just drove by the eco-store but didn't go in as claud had nodded off. Good I didn't, you got all the good stuff! I bet that frame will look amazing sprayed! hey did you ever find a fire guard?

  6. Oh I love the 'my anything jar'!!!

  7. Lovely finds - I am very envious! Try the sandwich maker with baking paper, we do that with fish portions when we cook them on the George Foreman grill so it may work for sandwiches too!

  8. we have one of those flat sandwich presses and we don't do anything with it I made some in an older one the other day and forgot to grease anything and they worked okay - maybe worth a try if they stick anyway!!

  9. Brush your sandwich maker with a little bit of oil, and it does stop sticking the more it is used. Love your blog. Stop and by my blog, I left you something there.

  10. I second the baking paper suggestion. There is a sandwich press at work that no one else on the corridor seemed to think they needed to clean after they have melted cheese all over it - urgh. The baking paper works well, the bread still goes crispy and you can reuse the paper if it doesn't get mucky. I use baking paper on public bbqs aswell - saves a lot of scraping! Keep on bloggin... x


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