Friday, June 22, 2012

Recycling Truck Lego Awesomeness...

At the beginning of the last school holidays we were sent some Lego to review.
It's a recycling/rubbish truck.

Reuben loved it and spent hours and hours playing with it.
I'd thought I must get this review up before the next holidays,
because this was a very reasonably priced lego set
and maybe you might want to get something for the next holidays.

Reuben is 10 and a boy who loves to make his own creations,
but he really enjoyed this set. It has lots of little details which appealed to him,
like the rubbish and the rubbish bins, brooms and such-like.

Reuben took loads and loads of pictures of his creation
but I narrowed them down to a few for this post!

Thanks so much to Kiwi Mummy Blogs for the opportunity
to review this product. We loved it and I would really recommend it
for value for money a winner in our book.

Lego is one of those toys that are timeless and really it doesn't break
and lasts for years and years and years.


  1. interesting..... We sell this, and I always assumed it was WAY bigger! next to his hands it looks tiny.... it's about $40 I think... So happy he enjoyed it... maybe he could morph it into a mega truck using some of his other lego.
    Lego is pretty cool. :)

  2. Oh we loved it too Deb!! My boy is totally Lego crazy and it has been in pride of place on his dresser!

    *love the bunting you have hanging up - need to hunt through your posts and see if you did a post on it - its gorgeous!!!

  3. My son is 16 and still secretly plays with Lego. :-)

  4. I was steering my boys towards that truck when they were itching to spend their money yesterday but the Lego Kingdoms set won out, horses and knights....whats not to love :-)


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