Thursday, June 7, 2012

Scrap Basket Challenge: Quilt No 3 (plus extras)

So little William is about three months old, and I finally got my act together this week to make his wee quilt. When I had my big sort out of scraps recently I sorted them into quilt bundles. I had a piece of fish fabric and thought it would be perfect for William, and so I popped a bundle of co-ordinating scraps with it.

When I pulled them out, I thought there didn't look like that many scraps but I thought I'd give it a go. I had in my head that I wanted to do a rectangle log cabin for the fish scrap and then a few square ones. I didn't really have enough feature prints to do more than one other but I think it looks balanced enough. I'm really stoked how this turned out and I'm hand quilting it with crochet thread to make it nice and soft and springy.

After I finished the quilt I still had scraps. I didn't want to just push them into another container, I wanted to use them up. Reuben was accepted for Rudolf Steiner school this week and starts on Monday and I thought I would make him a new crayon case, and pencil roll. I remembered these scraps and so began piecing them together. At first I had enough for just a pencil case, but I kept piecing and piecing and behold a pencil roll as well. Then I added a piece of owl fabric from the stash and made a case for his wooden flute. I lined all of these things with the leftover fabric from backing William's quilt! Perfect.

I'm happy to report that I have no more of this scrap bundle left. I can't believe how far they went. I'm loving the colour way and how they all work so well together.


  1. Me too! That pencil case is super spiffy!

  2. Wonderful, you have inspired me to just create by showing me how beautiful your scrap quilts are. They have a real charm because they are so natural and organic. Now I can see how more creative these scraps can be I am inspired again. Congrats to your son, and no doubt the hard work done by your good selves.

  3. Wow! Thats amazing how far "scraps" (otherwise unusable) will go!

    I was given a bag of "scrap wool" this week and it has been SO handy making my new blanket. I used to always throw out my left overs. Now i'm keeping them!! Daaah

  4. All the best to Reuben on this new adventure!! I just love all the crafts and earthiness of Steiner. I hope it nurtures him and gives him wind beneath his wings. Regards Jacqui


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