Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Seth Jacob Phoenix Odering

Today at Playcentre we remembered Seth. Seth is a Playcentre boy.
We were waiting eagerly to meet him. We imagined holding him in our arms.
We wanted to share the treasure baskets with him and sing waiata.
We wanted to see him smile and watch him interact with his family.
We were so excited to meet him.

But Seth went to be with the angels before he was born.
Right on his birthday he left and didn't stop to say hello or goodbye.
His dad and mum, his big sister and brother are heartbroken.
We are all heartbroken.

Little Seth. So perfect. Always so perfect.
Today on his birthday we remembered him.
We sung Somewhere over the Rainbow.
We ate cake and we gave to the babies of Playcentre a new toy.
We cried and we hugged each other.
We hugged our babies and our little children too.

We will never forget Seth. Every time we see a ladybug we will remember.
He left a mark in each of our hearts.
We will always be knit together because of Seth.

I don't know what you believe, but I believe in God. I believe in heaven. I believe that bad things happen because the world is not perfect. I believe that one day I will meet that little guy and give him a hug and tell him how much we missed him. His life was not unlived, he lived for nine months. He was real as real can be and we will never forget that. No bad things can ever happen to Seth, he is safe now.


  1. Cry!!!

    Thats so sad, and so lovely Deb....
    What a beautiful name too...

  2. You are such a special person. So is everyone in your family. God bless you.

  3. OH little Seth, you sure are loved!


  4. Since I work in Palliative care I cannot express how amazing this act of honouring and remembering is. Most often when people die the community "moves on" and the family is left reeling and devastated. More often than not, life and death are never mentioned again. Family are left alone and bewildered. A day will never pass where someone does not think about Seth and what he would have been doing this day. No matter what anyone's spiritual beliefs are it is so important that there was a boy named Seth.

  5. Deb, so well written (you have a gift!). Thanks for sharing about this special wee guy. Blessings.

  6. My nephew left us too early. His anniversary falls on Sept 11 when the towers fell, his family was told there was no more to do, take him home. He stayed for another six weeks. We can never forget and due to world events the day is doubly sad for us.
    I am sure he has seen Seth and others on his travels.

  7. what a lovely way to celebrate, and remember xxx

  8. Very nice Deb, see ya Saturday

  9. Thank you so much Deb for writing this beautiful memorial to our wee man. I am so truly thankful each day that Seth touched so many people in such a powerful way. Even though he couldn't stay he has taught us all so much about life and cherishing each and every moment. I love that even though he is not physically here he is still a much loved member of our Playcentre whanau and that you all are grieving alongside us. we are truly a very lucky family to have such amazing people at our backs.


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