Monday, June 11, 2012

This post is brought to you by 1984....

My neighbour and good friend Liz is a knitting genius.
She makes those needles fly!
Yesterday she gave Annie this beautiful knitted cardigan and hat.

She looks completely adorable in it.
Here she is this morning eating a last minute pikelet before we rush off. 

I had a little dress I brought a couple of years ago from the opshop.
It's a pleated skirt on a white cotton bodice.
I used to wear them all the time in the 1970s
and my sisters wore them in the 1980s.

How cute is this?? 
She could easily be Sharyn or Jo or myself a good few years ago.

Close up of skirt. Completely cute.

And the hat with the tassel - adorable.
I'm trying to convince her she should be a marching girl.
I always wanted to be a marching girl.
Their outfits are so cute.

Liz altered the pattern because Annie always says "Just one button"
when you put a cardy on her. She loves just having the top button done up.
The collar is very cute too and perfect for this bitter winter we are having.
By the way did you notice one of the panda bears is a bit pink??
She had a washing incident the other day with a red dress, oops.

And luckily for me this child likes wearing clothes like this.
She hasn't discovered the whole princess barbie look
and the longer things stay that way the better I like it.
The 1970s and 1980s knew how to dress kidlets!!


  1. gorgeous, gorgeuos photos, and I agree- much more lovely that disney princesses!

  2. SO adorable!!!

    Did your neighbor really make the cardy and cap in a single day? Amazing!!!

  3. I love the cardy and hat! It does look rather vintage (ahem, I mean our age!) and looks darling on her!

  4. The cardigan and hat look wonderful. Your neighbour must be a very speedy knitter to knit them in one day. I hope they keep her very warm. Isnt it nice when they dont wear brand names when they are little. My daughter always had handknit cardigans to wear to kinder and playgroup but now she is 10 she wont wear them. The panda looks cute pink!

  5. she is so have a very talented neighbor

  6. Adorable. The perfect little winter outfit. x


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