Friday, June 29, 2012

Today I'm Grateful....

I was reading Maxabella loves yesterday and she reminded me to be grateful.
Today I'm joining in. I guess over the last 18 months I found it difficult to be
always genuinely grateful for where I found myself,
but like Kirsty says, no matter what is happening in our lives,
there is much to be grateful for.

I'm grateful for the Tour de France starting today!
I love to sit and stitch early in the morning and watch the riders test their endurance.
I'm starting a new project in honour of the great ride.
Spring Carnival in colours of vintage board games.

I'm grateful for a friend who is also a long-armed quilter.
Her machine was repaired last week and I have six quilts, yes six to bind!!

I'm grateful for the years we made happy memories with the now teens.
Life is much much more complicated now and it's nice to remember
the simple fun we had together.

I'm grateful for flowers and candles on the table to brighten winter days,
and oh how dreary this winter is this year. 

I'm grateful for a man who gets stuck into cleaning,
even things that I didn't think need cleaning today, lol.

I'm grateful for a new puppy who has fitted into our home
and has the sweetest, most lovely personality.

I'm grateful for the weekend, a tidy house and simple plans.

More grateful folks here.


  1. Got to love a hubby who helps clean! Lots of lovely things in your post today. That bunting is the sweetest. Take care :-)

  2. Gorgeous puppy. Everyone will love that dog.

  3. That's one gorgeous husbie cleaning away you've got there. And puppy. And living room. Grateful for gorgeous!? x

  4. My hubby cleans things I don't think require urgent cleaning too! So funny! But I'm grateful for it too! Cute puppy & I love the bunting! x

  5. Love those fabrics... and the puppy!

  6. All wonderful things to be grateful for! x

  7. Husband cleaning? WoooooW - and the Puppy - how gorgeous is he!!

  8. I love the glimpses of your home.
    I also love the tdf but not the crashes!!


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