Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Words on a Quilt...

I've had an idea rolling about in my head the last week or so for a quilt with words on.
Elizabeth at Oh Fransson has a good tutorial, 
but I wanted it to look like I'd just written the words on.

I tore up a bunch of scraps to a similar size and laid them out.
I used plain pink for the wording all from my stash.
I used left over bits and pieces from various quilts,
you know the bits that are big but not big enough for another whole quilt.

I decided to try something different and used a blanket for the backing
and then bagged it through.
Which is to say I sewed all the way around and left a gap for turning.

I'm actually really stoked how it turned out.
I'm going to sew all around the edge and then tie it here and there.
I've never tried a tied quilt before, but I thought this would suit it.

I used visofix to hold down the letters and raw edge appliqued them.

I'm loving it so far. 
I actually have plans for a Christmas Quilt pattern to share
and with quite a few modifications,
something like this could work.

Here's the start of the edge. It makes it look like a rolled edge, I quite like it.

It's really thick and heavy with the blanket plus batting,
but a heavy blanket is great for settling a child's central nervous system if they are stressed
so I think this will be perfect for the kiddos.

Annie has given it an Annie tick of approval!!
If you want to make a Christmas version of this, (it will look a bit different)
look out for an old blanket and some Christmassy fat quarters.
I'll work on the pattern.


  1. It worked out beautifully Deb. I often use blankets instead of batting or with batting. They are so much warmer and heavier. I have even used a sleeping bag in one and that's the one everyone wants on really cold nights.

  2. cute! love words and these are good ones

  3. Oh WOW Deb!! that is amazing!! I Love the colours and those words are so perfect! You are such a quilting inspiration.

  4. That is a great quilt! I love it. I am sure it will get much use.

  5. Love it Deb! could say the reason I love a heavy quilt is...stress?

    Okay, I could see that!



  6. Wow, that is beautiful. I love the sentiments, and using a blanket never occured to me before. I have heard that weighted blankets are used in some therapy. I am a hugger so I hope you don't mind if I store this idea away in my memory banks and pass it forward one day.....always acknowledging and crediting that it was your original.
    Thanks again for your generous spirit.

  7. I would love to get a few quilts like this for my local Hospice. What a wonderful idea! (And the socks are perfect.)

  8. i love this!!! i have always though that quilts are hugs from far away. i can not wait to see your christmas version

  9. Love the quilt and the socks! Bright happy things for grey days (which we are still getting in Seattle even though it is midsummer)!


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