Thursday, July 26, 2012

10 Things to do with a vintage doilly...

I love doilies so much especially after I dyed them bright colours.
They dye up really well because they are usually made from 100% cotton
and natural fibres absorb the dye better.

Here's some of the things I like to do with them....
1. Sew them onto cushion covers. I've made loads of these and I like them all!
2. Sew them onto your kitchen apron - instant pizzaz.

4. Sew one onto the front of a plain dress for a wee girl. 
(I can't find my picture of this but it was so effective!)
5. Sew one onto the pretty side of your kitchen pot-holder.

6. Sew them together to make a table cloth.
7. Add sleeves to a t-shirt or singlet

8. Sew one onto a hottie cover.
9. Sew one onto your messenger bag.

10. Sew them onto a zippered pouch.

I've pinned a few more on my Pinterest page.
Bright dyed doilies available here.


  1. Such cute ideas! I like the sweatshirt idea. I always worry doilies will look grannyish. But adding it to a casual zip up would be so cute! :)

  2. I think doilies look good on pretty much anything and everything. I'm even goinf to get some tattoed on me one day soon.. huzzah!
    Also, you're right, doilies dye really well.. I dyed about 90 of them chocolate brown to have on the tables at our wedding : )

  3. The pillows are my favorite. All are beautiful

  4. So many good uses for a doily.
    I love them. The more delicate the better!X

  5. Oh I love doilies too!!!
    You have such great ideas here Deb. I have done the doily on the girls tees a cushion and a pouch, and love all your other ideas.
    Have wanted to dye some, what dye do you recommend?

  6. these are all such great ideas!

  7. They are such versatile little things aren't they? I use them for pincushions too. x


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