Sunday, July 8, 2012

Christchurch Quilters Guild Retreat!

I went to the Sit and Sew day at the Christchurch Quilters Guild retreat.
I loved it and will definitely go again.

I took all my red fabrics to cut for my brother's wedding quilt
and my scraps for my stars quilt.

I mixed the two projects together, sewing a bit of one and then the other
and so got a load of sewing done.

I sewed all the blocks I cut out for Jeremy and Eva's quilt
but I need to cut the same amount again to make it big enough.

The pattern is in a quilting book my friend Shenleigh got from the library
(I'll have to get the title if anyone is interested)

I wasn't liking it till I laid it all out and then I loved it!
I think Jeremy and Eva will too.

I took my box of dark Kaffe Fascett type fabrics
and the yellow Philip Jacobs fabric I got in Sydney for the background.
It's outrageously bright.

But I really really love how it's going and can't wait for some time
to sew a whole bunch more.


  1. Nice work Deb! You always amaze me with your productivity. Love both the quilts you are working on here!

  2. Wow, the quilt you are making for Jeremy and Eva is stunning, I am drooling.

  3. these are have such a eye for the most amazing brilliant colors.


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