Sunday, July 8, 2012

The family went on a road trip...

I went to the Quilters Guild Retreat, (more about that later)
and did six hours of laundry (I kid you not)
and David and the kiddos went to Omarama with our friends.

It's lovely seeing the photos they brought home of Central Otago in the winter!
It's also lovely hearing their happy stories of the good time they had.
It makes my heart glad.
They even took pictures of things I like, like these bee hives,
keeping bees is on my to-do list of things to do.
They ate all the treats I sent too, as they do!

I love this picture David took of the flag flying on the hills behind the house.
I've stood and looked at that flag lots of times from below!

The trees were covered with hoar frost
which is beautiful to look at in pictures but bitterly cold! 

It covers all the trees and looks spectacular!

Ah the mountains covered in snow!
So much fun to live vicariously through their pictures.


  1. these are gorgeous live in a beautiful place Deb. i can not wait to hear about your retreat

  2. WOW look at that frost! So pretty but I imagine cold.
    I've never been on a retreat
    And GAH to the washing - does it ever stop?

  3. Seriously is there any place more beautiful than NZ. and that is coming from an Aussie!! Thank you for sharing these wonderful pics. I am planning a holiday over there one of these days......when I retire, have more money and


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