Wednesday, July 25, 2012


This winter more than any I remember, I have noticed the gentle pull of hibernation.
It seems our family has needed more sleep than ever I remember.

The beds have become cosy nest's with pillows and quilts piled up
and the hot water bottles getting filled every night.

I notice the beds are not getting made every morning
but it doesn't seem to matter, they are transformed into cosiness again at night.

Even Annie has a cosy pile on her bed.
Which Garfield the cat is quick to appreciate!!

Annie has a day-time nest too. A quilty tent filled with cushions and blankets.

And every afternoon she puts on her pjs and just chills.

I noticed this morning that the dolls have numerous quilts on their bed too,
they must be feeling the bitter cold as well.

It's a doll's life really.

The quilt rack is almost empty, but don't worry come spring
it will be groaning with quilts again as they come off the beds one by one.

It makes me so happy that I can make quilts that everybody uses over and over again.

Even our bed has two quilts on. It must be a cold cold winter.

Lucky I'm making plans to make another one.
Five pillowcases, two shirts and some solids.
This is going to be pretty. You might want to join in, just saying.
See what you can find in your cupboards. 
A few shirts, a few pillowcases, maybe a tablecloth.
Tell me what you can find and if you want to make something pretty
or pop into the shop and find something you like!


  1. Deb, your quilts are just amazing! I love all these photos where there is one quilty goodness after another. You really have such a gift.
    In our house we snuggle under thrifted wool blankets.. one day their Mama will make their

  2. Love the chilling! There are days I too have got home from work, put the tea on and popped on the jammies and dressing gown. They are outrageously comfortable!

  3. Wow, I LOVE how many quilts you have in your home. I strive to have a home filled with handmade love like that, not just one day, but always. <3

  4. I know it has been an extra cold winter here and my Quilts are pulled off the shelf all the time. many an afternoon has been spent snuggled under a quilt on the couch just trying to be warm. I love how bright and pretty your quilts are. x

  5. I, too, strive to have a house filled with handmade quilts one day. we each have one on our beds, but none as beautiful as the ones you have made! You truly are gifted.


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