Monday, July 9, 2012

How to make a cosy for your teapot [tutorial]

Recently my friend Kate was given a stash from an old lady
and it had this jacket that she had started cutting out in a cream fabric.
It looks like linen but it's way way stronger.

I had just been reading the Zakka Style book and this was just what I wanted
to try out the look. I took some pictures cause I thought someone else
might like to make one too.

It's the depths of winter here and the light is TERRIBLE
but I think you'll get the idea.

I have a small two cup tea pot and so I got a dinner plate and drew around it
like this. With a bit of the plate hanging off the bottom.

I should have cut the selvedge off first, oops (I did trim it later)
Then I made a two inch cut from the bottom like this.

I had these beautiful fabrics, I'm not sure if they are silks
I got them from the little church opshop around the corner from my house.

I cut them into two inch pieces like so.

And sewed them in a row. 
I had in my head that their pretty jewel like colours would shine
against the plain cream fabric.

After I pressed them, I cut two 2 1/2 inch strips.

And sewed them into the cream fabric, like so.

Then I laid the teacosy outer on a piece of vintage sheet and cut the lining to size
(left over from covering my ironing board cause you always want your teacosy
to match your ironing board, haha)

I also cut around a couple of scraps of batting,
laid the outer on and quilted down each side of the insert strip.

Then I put the two outer pieces right sides together
and sewed around the curve and turned it round the right way
- isn't it looking pretty?

Pin the lining right sides together and sew around the curve, 
but leave a three inch gap for turning later (I pinned the gap to remind me)

Now pop the lining (which is inside out) over the cosy (which is the right way out)
so the fabrics are right sides together. Pin all around the bottom matching the side seams.
Sew all around the edge.

Take all the pins out and pull the tea cosy through the hole in the lining
(terrible photo oops, but you get the idea)

Pin the hole in the lining and sew shut.

Press and top stitch around the bottom edge.

Here's mine sitting on my teapot. Isn't it cute??

I love how it turned out. 
I also like how someone's unfinished project and someone else's offcuts
have a whole new lease on life!
Would you like to make one?
I have some packs made up in the Fabrichicks shop 
with plenty of fabric in them to make your own teapot cosy.


  1. Super cute Deb! Those colours are gorgeous, and it does look like silk? PS - great teapot! If I had enough space, I would start collecting teapots!

  2. this is brilliant....i love the extra bit of color!

  3. Great idea, it really looks good. It's a brilliant idea you have about the fabric remnants, if I didn't have a room full of fabric I would indulge.
    Kathryn Jill

  4. Ah this is a great tutorial, i just love that strip or rainbow. filing this in my 'to-do' box on pinterest, thanks x


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